Ps5 save transfer

Is there a fix to let us transfer all our saves from ps4 to ps5 yet, and have they fixed the guardian rank reset issue? I’ve had my ps5 for 8 weeks now and I still haven’t played bl3 on it because of these issues.

When was the last time you tried transfer your saves? It worked for me after latest patch. All characters, all customizations are fine. Guardian Rank is reset to 0, but you keep already invested points, which means you will gain more points in quicker rate.

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I haven’t tried at all, I saw the problems everyone else was reporting and decided to wait for a fix before trying at all. Can you transfer all your characters across now or is it still just 1 character? And if you can transfer them all is there a certain way you have to do it before it will work?

The “one character transfer” was fixed one week after the launch of next-gen version of the game.
Some players (me included) weren’t able to transfer single character cause the game would crash everytime. For me it finally worked after last patch in January, and everything works.
You transfer characters the same way as it was in Handsome Collection. Upload save in PS4 version of game, download in PS5 version, repeat.

Ok, thanks!

Hi all!

I can only seem to download the saved file of 1 of my characters to the PS5, I have 3 characters in total. Every time I try to download the saves it says that the download failed.

I had transferred everything on the PS4 to the PS5 by wired connection. Then I downloaded the PS5 version. When I logged in there was no character saves. So I downloaded the saves and only 1 of my characters is on the PS5. Any advice? I still have the PS4.

You can only transfer one character at time, so upload on PS4 version off the game, download on PS5 version, upload on PS4 etc.
The error is when downloading second character?

I still can’t seem to get my save onto the PS5 version without it crashing…any advice would help.

Never tried to download per character, will try that. So presumably, I’ll have to delete the other characters’ data from the psn cloud and only have 1 character’s data on the psn cloud at a time (whilst making sure that the PS4 keeps all of the characters’ saved data).

I’ve been trying to download everything in one go but only 1 character’s data is downloaded to the PS5.

No PS+ cloud has nothing to do with save transfer to PS5 version of BL3. You are uploading and downloading save via in-game option.

So is there is there no way to solve the crashing issue when trying to download a save?

Try deleting the profile save on PS4 then upload character in game and download in PS5 version.
Do backups before you delete the profile save.

I’ve tried this, but I lose all of my cosmetics and my entire bank of items.

Yes. I had the same, then after the hotfix in January I was able to transfer the rest of my characters and the profile. So now try transfer different char but keep the profile save.

It still just crashes :(. I’ve been trouble shooting since last night, even tried a full reinstall. Nothing seems to work.

Then submit official support ticket and wait for patch I guess. In the meantime you can only play without transferred bank and other global things.

That’s super frustrating. Thanks for the help though.