Ps5 saved game issue. Thoughts

So it’s already out there that you can only transfer one ps4 saved VH over to ps5 currently.
I can confirm this. I tried the enter game with character and trigger a save then upload/download next file too. Just loads new character and deletes old one.
The issue seems based on how ps5 uses one file to save all bl3 information instead of per character like ps4.
Assuming there is a fix coming, please have a fix coming… I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t even play on ps5 version for now. If the reason its happening is the one file issue for ps5 saves. Then they’ll need to combine ps4 saves into one possibly?
If so I’m afraid that to transfer the rest of my VH over ill need to transfer over the one that is there already too, overriding it and losing any progress made since.
Maybe thats dumb and doesn’t make sense? Seems to to me though.
Just putting this out there for anyone else on ps5 in hopes you don’t lose time too if its true.


This is a big deal breaker for me in PS5. I’m glad I’m with XBox. I feel your pain though.


Both seem like good next gen options.
I’m still happy with my ps5. Its just one game and hopefully a temporary issue. Even if they never fix it, oh well. When I’m playing Horizon soon I won’t even care.

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I’ve tried so many things to get all my VH across but can only ever save the current upload character, seems to keep overwriting each time, trophies are a mess now too. I have both the PS4 version and ps5 version both on my ps5 apparently . I tried going in and out of both games on ps5 no luck. I tried single upload/download from my PS4 then switched over to ps5 as instructed…still overwrite only 1 vault hunter. Pretty disappointing but at least it helped me to decide to not buy the director’s cut dlc…as yet anyway.

The load times and frame rate though…1st rate :smile:


Just dropping in to confirm this. Also Guardian Rank reset though still have access to all unlocked boosts (with points spent.) I seriously hope they fix this though as I am not liking the idea that I may have to grind up all new VHs besides my main.

You can only transfer one character? :dizzy_face: I have many multiples of each character for different builds. That is some BS. Guess I won’t be in any rush to get a PS5 now.


It is total BS for sure. I’m still super happy with my own though. Even the ps4 version runs better on it. Plus all the other great games.
But pretty silly and typical that Bl3 of all games didn’t test properly the transition if systems.

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On PS5 for now, yes. Hopefully a fix is coming for that. I don’t think the issue affects new or new boosted characters created on PS5 though - can anyone confirm/refute?

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I can confirm that if you start a new character on ps5 version then transfer a ps4 VH over, the newly created character is not deleted and properly gets all guardian ranks.
I still wouldn’t mess with ps5 version of game though. In case the fix for ps4 transfer issue erases any previous transfers.

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What’s the situation on PS5 with regard to backups - are you still able to make your own on PS5, or is that gone the way of the dodo (like it has been on XBox since the launch of the XB1)?

You cannot use a USB drive to backup a save, if that is what you are asking. Cloud save does work.

I sent in report to 2k and it’s been going back and forth.

They ask the same question each email that I just copy and past the original bug report I made. Step by step on how I upload my ps4 VH, go to ps5 to upload, load into character and run around to initiate auto save, go back to ps4 to upload second VH, from main menu on ps5 I download new VH and first one got deleted.

They keep telling me that I can only download one VH at a time and I obviously know cause that is what I am doing…

They only responded to mine once. Telling me to try re-downloading game and clearing cache.
I did, didn’t work. I told them that and haven’t heard back in a few days.

It seems they know about it…let’s just hope it gets fixed. I’m sure they’ll try, but let’s just hope it gets fixed.

They clearly did not QA the port. Which is unfortunately kind of the way all developers operate these days. The ability to infinitely patch their game has removed the need to actually release a product that works as intended the first time. I am missing about 40 items from my bank/backpack and my third weapon slot is locked.

That was indeed what I was asking. So, PS5 loses that ability too. sigh

probably last email they will send me but looks like they let the development team know and we just got to wait.

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That’s sucks. At least cloud save works. Too bad it doesn’t work to just transfer all characters over… like it should have. :dizzy_face:

Apparently a fix was pushed out yesterday to PS5 to address the save file issue. You should be able to transfer all your saves now.

The fix worked perfectly for me. Good news!

It did not fix my problem.