Ps5 saved game issue. Thoughts

I’m still having troubles downloading my one only save, game crashes everytime. I have deleted ps4 version, reinstalled ps5 version again, all is up to date and still nothing.

Same here, I downloaded PS5 version last night.
Went to my PS4, loaded up BL3, uploaded the save - No issue here
Then loaded up the PS5 version, click on download save
It briefly shows my character level and then crashes the game, when i load it back up there is no character, try again, crashes again each time

I’ve read a lot about the crashing on download attempt but never experienced.
I’d do a ticket to 2k so they can work on a fix.

Did you delete the save file from your ps5 before trying to download the save file? Mine failed until I deleted the one on my ps5.

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Same crashing issue as above. Uploaded my PS4 save via BL3 menu and the game crashes on PS5 every single time when I try to download it. I’ve deleted everything on the PS5 (including BL3 save), reinstalled and still crashes.

It’s a shame. The game looks and plays phenomenally on PS5.

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Yes, I made a backup and deleted save first, did it many times, gave up for now. Making a new run for now, need to get all trophies anyway.

I gave up on getting my save file to come across too. Got to level 25 yesterday in a couple hours of gameplay.

My two Vault Hunters transferred just fine after the fix, but it added duplicates of everything in my vault. Now I’m at like 700/400. I’m gonna be reaaaaally mad if there was an option to NOT download the vault again, and I just derped for a second.

There’s a fix? For the guardian ranks, the transfer or the trophies? I’ll definitely not try again until it doesn’t ruin anything by transferring.