PS5 Slow loading time char selection

As title,on selection char menu , game takes so long to load save files, how it is possible?
Ps I have ps5 version

Mine does this occasionally on ps5.

Sorry, no idea why as no variables appear to be affecting ot.

Up, it looks like to play on ps4 lol

Up, ps4 never had this problem. It’s really weird after 400 euro

Here a video, my English is bad and this should be clear.

Same here on PS5, every now and then it takes a good amount of time for it to load. Normally the list is ready almost instantly, but occasionally it takes a good 30-40 seconds.

For everyone who have this issue, Do you guys have plus?

Experiencing it. I noticed the delay comes when the game thinks there’s no network or party-session.

When it connects, the delay disappears. So the game needs to have that first before loading in your character list.

For the life of me I don’t understand the logic, but it’s prolly because GB wants to know your selections for marketing research purposes.