Ps5 unable to download ps5 version of bl3

Just got my new ps5. First game I downloaded was bl3. The game downloads and plays fine, but shows as the ps4 version? I thought the system would download the correct version of the game? If i try download the update for the store I get a message saying I need the disk. I never brought the disk I brought the online version. What am I missing?

I am also experiencing this problem.

Own the PS4 Digital copy since the game came out. Go the the PS5 PS Store and it states “PS5 Upgrade (Disc Required)”
I am only able to download the PS4 version…

I would suggest you both file tickets with 2K support (link in pinned thread at the top of this section) and the Sony Store.

Unless there’s a mismatch in region between your original digital store purchase and where you are now, that shouldn’t be happening.

Exactly same issue here. I have the digital PS4 version, on a PS5 disc console. Support ticket submitted.

I have the same problem, very frustrating but good to know I’m not alone.

Same problem here. Bought digital deluxe on the Australian store day one and cannot get the upgrade without the disc installed it seems…
I really want to try this in 4k60!!!

@Barnzini, @james.zeuschner - the link to file a support ticket is in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

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Still seems to only load 1 character due to PS4 having a split file save but PS5 uses a single save file and will overwrite any other characters you try to upload to the new version.

According to a user in the other thread on this topic, support have suggested that triggering an in-game auto-save on the downloaded character (ie launching a session with it) before attempting to up/download the next should address the issue. I am not in a position to test this for myself.

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Morning everyone,

Logged in this morning to take some screen shots for tech support and the ps5 upgrade was offered!! Try again i think our issue maybe resolved

Nope, still only transfers the last character you logged in with on the PS4 and all the achievements are still gone too.

In the FAQ it specifically said all your characters and achievements carried over.

Have also checked this morning and the upgrade is now available for download!

Is it just me or did they combine two completely unrelated issues here?
I have the “how do I import multiple characters” on ps5 issue.
The disk thing didn’t break. I did somehow install the ps4 and ps5 version on my ps5, which is annoying and I constantly pick the wrong one? but the ps4 version had all my characters. :frowning:
ps5 I can only have one.

Also the one character that I did download is unable to access artifacts so I would have to replay the game to unlock them again.

I just tried to do this method to move over more than one character. I uploaded Moze, played to a save. Quit and swapped to ps4 version of game. Uploaded amara. Swapped to ps5 version again and downloaded. Amara save was there but Moze is now gone.

Then I guess it’s support ticket time. Sorry about that - seems like this console migration it’s Sony’s turn to make things more complicated for Borderlands save file migration.