PS5 update loses Guardian Tokens AND characters?!?

Was lucky enough to snag a PS5 from Sony, and even happier to learn that the upgrade for BL3 was free. Went to download it, happy as a clam.

Then I played it, and couldn’t find my characters. I had downloaded my cloud saves from Plus, no luck. Did a brief Google, found out you have to manually upload a character from within the PS4 version to Gearbox, then manually download it to the PS5 version. Annoying, but okay.

Then I learned you can only transfer ONE save that way. So of the four classes, you lose three saves right off the bat by upgrading.

THEN I learned that NONE of the Guardian Tokens transfer over.

As in zero.

Which is beyond broken, given how much time gets invested in Guardian Tokens/Ranks.

Gearbox, this is some seriously broken sh*t.

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Agreed. This is insanity. Is this seriously intentional??

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none of my guardians tokens, or the guardian rank level but for some reason all the perks I had are there?

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