PS5 Version DLC Not showing up in game

I have the PS5 Version of Borderlands 3 ultimate edition with everything. I have the PS5 Version of the DLC installed and not the ps4 versions of the DLC. I have triple checked that. I have tried rebuilding the database, reinstalling the game and dlc, restoring licenses, and I have tried all of that several times. The DLC will not show up in game despite it being installed. I can still join other people who have the dlc but I can’t access it by my self. It makes no god damn sense. Does anyone know how to fix this? i tried reaching out to support with no luck.

This tells me you actually have it installed. How exactly did you try to access it (and, oh, by the way which DLC are we talking about here, there are 6 in total).

DLCs 1-4 simply add quest markers on Sanctuary - you interact with them to start DLC story in question. DLC 5 - see if you have purple skill trees. DLC 6 - check that you have Vault Card tab.