PS5 vs PS4 Back Compatibility Mode

I have just got a PS5 and spent a nice long time getting Flak over to the PS5 version… blooming hours of crashing!

Anyway, before I start again with the PS5 version. I was wondering if people have played Borderlands 3 in back compatibility mode? That way I can keep my trophies etc.

How does it feel and perform on PS5, but using the ps4 back compatibility version?
I see in some comments within this forum, people using the back cat version. But wanted to know how they feel it behaves.

I know I will miss haptic feedback and don’t have a TV to benefit other features like 120fps… or even 4k. Sadly my 1080 TV is damn good, but it will get an upgrade this year… Just waiting for Sony to patch VRR… Still waiting after a year

So, I guess, for the meantime, will the PS4 Pro version of the game playing on the PS5 in back compatibility 1080p look half descent, or is it not a patch on the PS5 version?

The PS4, I used to play on is going into another room. I assume data can not be transferred from PS5 to PS4, but that perhaps I can upload my Back Compatibility save to the cloud and back down to the old PS4 console. That way I hide and play still :smiley:

I have to admit, that Destiny 2 as got the character load from whatever console nailed down really well and wish more developers considered that approach

It should run without frame drops, but you won’t have new features. Overall there is no point playing backward version.

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