PSA: battleborn stream support

Just thinking about how there are only a hand full of viewers on the streams and I’m really wanting the game to get an absurd amount of hype. If someone sees a stream for battleborn try to share it.

I think its to early for the main hype, in the time till the release many will be already bored from just looking it and not playing and switch to other games.

It was really good to see with the overwatch beta and the huge amount of twich viewers but after some time they where all gone.

I bet he marketing professionals have some statistics on when the right time is but I just guess here.

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That’s what I was thinking, I was watching OverWatch Beta gameplay and I am now thinking that I might not want it. I wanted both games before, but the longer I watched Overwatch the less I wanted to play it. On the other hand I was in the CTT and haven’t wanted to play another game since I only want to play Battleborn. I watch Battleborn streams now and just want to play it even more. I think Battleborn is a game that grows on you, I feel like Overwatch will have a limited run. Overwatch has too fast of a TTK for a MOBA like game.

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I think I would watch more if I had played the game first. It is difficult for me to enjoy watching the streams when I do not yet have a practical foundation for how the game is played myself and thus cannot read what or appreciate what is happening very well.

Plus, to be honest, I am not much of a “watch other people play and have fun” sort of guy. I know some people love it, especially the the people who grew up with YouTube and Twitch, but I would rather sit down and play a game I own for an hour than watch someone else play for an hour, especially if it is not an actual competition showcasing the best of the best.

Anyway, I love what the streamers are doing and that they are sharing with the people interested, but I think right now 2K’s marketing grassroots marketing would be better served via other outlets, not just giving out a few hundred early access passes and hoping people watch.

Force and Totalbiscuit (who said he actually likes Battleborn) are starting to play it. Once the open beta starts/gets announced the twitch viewership will rise and the hype train will begin. I’m guessing sometime around the end of the month.

Ah, great, i like the man. Glad to hear he like Battleborn.
I wonder if Joe (From the AngryJoe show) will play it too.

Angry Joe would be awesome too