PSA: Blink Storm's false skill description

PSA: Blink Storm’s false skill description

Hi, Nix here, bringing you an important announcement from the DHC.

As you have most likely already figured out, this topic is about Blink Storm, but enough chit-chat, I’m going to cut right to the point; you have been misinformed, played, deceived! The DHC has come to the conclusion that Blink Storm’s skill description is false, and the purpose of this post is to provide an explanation as to why…

It all started when @Deande made an intriguing comment concerning the number of strikes, or blinks as we like to say, over the duration of Blink Storm. You see, for the base values of Blink Storm, the old skill description specified:

Skill description of 10-hit Blink Storm.

The skill description was then later changed to:

Skill description of 9-hit Blink Storm.


Due to the reduction in strikes, Demz questioned the veracity of the number of hits displayed in the description above, and I too began to have doubts about it. This sparked an investigation into the inner workings of Blink Storm by @Nemosis327 and myself, but what we discovered wasn’t what we initially expected, and additional research was required as a result.

More thorough experimenting followed, and after 2 weeks of accumulating data with help from @loving-hatred, we finally concluded that Demz was right about the skill description being false, but not quite in the way that she originally theorised. In the end, it wasn’t the number of blinks that was incorrect within description, but the damage readings of the individual blinks…

After the numerous tests, Nemo and I determined that the damage value displayed in the skill description at this moment in time, is still that of the 10-hit Blink Storm’s description as they’re both 68. We assumed that GBX, wanting to make subtle changes to Deande’s ultimate whilst still retaining its total damage, had edited the number of strikes but overlooked the damage of them, hence why the readings are the identical. Below, both for level 5, is the current skill description and the death recap results we collected for Blink Storm:

Level 5 skill description.

Individual blink damage.

As you can see from the death recap, the true damage of Blink Storm is actually 93.75, not 84. Although the damage pop-up would’ve rounded 93.75 to 94, as, (unless a value is exact), game logic rules state that; any number displayed on the death recap, as values are given to the nearest hundredth, will always round up the next whole number regardless.

Total Blink Storm damage.

Furthermore, if the 9-hit system did deal 84 damage as it’s currently implied, then by using simple math, the overall damage of Blink Storm would equal 756. Yet the overall damage is 843.75, or 844 rounded, which is actually 93.75 multiplied by 9.

So there you have it, the truth about Blink Storm. As to why Gearbox decided to stealth change the number of strikes in Deande’s ultimate is unbeknownst to the DHC, as the only things that are actually affected by this alteration, is the stun duration and the DPS of the skill.

All that was left to do after figuring out the controversy behind Blink Storm, was to obtain the results for the remainder of the levels. By gathering the values for both the overall damage, and the damage per strike for levels 5 through 10, we were able to determine a consistent scaling value (CSV), which is the damage increase of Blink Storm per level. Taking level 6 as an example:

Level 6 damage derivative of a single strike.

The values of a single strike at levels 5 and 6 are 93.75 and 97.50 respectively, meaning that they have a difference of 3.75. Provided that each level onwards scales by the same amount, which is confirmed by the spreadsheet below, this value will be the CSV. By applying the CSV to the level 5 derivative of Blink Storm, we could then calculate the values for levels 0 to 4, with level 0 being what I like to call the base stats.

So to summarise the DHC’s findings, here is the complete data set for both the old 10-hit system and the correct 9-hit system:

Spreadsheet comparing the old 10-hit system to the new 9-hit system.

Level 00 - The base values of Blink Storm. Not available in-game.
CSV - Consistent scaling value. The value that Blink Storm scales by each level. Cannot apply to rounded values.
Red numbers - The incorrect values of the 9-hit Blink Storm displayed by the current skill description.
Green numbers - The correct values of the 9-hit Blink Storm displayed by the damage pop-up and death recap.


It’s ya boi nemo here,

This thread has been officially labeled by me as dank.

Carry on.


Maybe I’m missing something here, but the difference between the “10-strike” overall damage and the “9-strike” true and pop-up damage are only very slightly different (~0.7% at level 0 and 0.3% at level 10). Is the difference enough to worry about? Also, some of the numbers actually represent a slight buff in total damage while others a slight nerf. I’m assuming there’s something else going on in-game that isn’t being accounted for in your calculations?

The real issue though is arguably the damage per strike, since is it certain that all strikes will hit the target? Then it’s definitely a buff (unless the text was simply wrong from the get-go - that’s been true for other skill descriptions).

Ur looking at the wrong part of the table. See description below it

My point was, the card information may be wrong, but the net real effect is essentially unchanged from the 10-hit to 9-hit. So all that’s really needed is to fix the card info?

The real effect changed at some point. The card didn’t display the change correctly

Yes. It’s not the difference between the overall damage however, but rather the damage of each individual strike that’s significant. At base level, there’s a difference of approximately ~10% between the 10-hit system and the 9-hit system.

From my understanding, when GBX changed Blink Storm, they intended to keep the total damage of the ult around about the same value, hence why you only noticed a difference of about ~0.3%-0.7%. When they removed a blink, the damage of the remaining 9 blinks needed to be increased to compensate. As for the buff/nerf damage inconsistencies, they arise from where the numbers have been scaled and rounded.

Provided that the ultimate goes uninterrupted and only a single target is stunned, all 9 strikes are guaranteed to hit that particular enemy.

Not a buff in damage, as the difference to the overall is irrelevant, but a buff in DPS. The total damage of the old Blink Storm has just been condensed into less blinks. The only thing that’s been nerfed is the duration of the ultimate.

Nope, unfortunately not. The real effect has been changed and the card information doesn’t display said change.