PSA: Bloody Harvest concludes TOMORROW

That is all. Since some players seemed to have unaware.
Hope ya’ll got all the ghast calls and terror-anoints your heart desired.

I’m loaded up on some fine, high-level gear, and am just finishing out a set of challenges with Zane (he still needs 10 Haunt kills and 16 loot ghosts, so that probably won’t happen this evening). :laughing:

  • Got a fresh x8 radiation Fear Monger (not crazy about the anointment, but I’ll take it)
  • Got a couple Vindicator Ghast Calls (one MM10, one MM4)
  • Upgraded my Stalker (am still experimenting with this in different niches)
  • I didn’t realize the Scream of Terror could pacify big bosses… I’m not a fan of using terror as its own sub-set of anointment mechanics, but they make cute little metas to try sometimes.
  • I upgraded my random assortment of terror-generating/using gear (good shields/grenades that produce terror and have other random terror-based effects). Like my previous set from last Halloween, these will probably sit in my mule’s backpack collecting dust until the following Halloween season, but we’ll see.
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Yeah, I was so looking forward to this event coming back in order to get one and start creating a (mostly goofy) mentalist Fl4k build with Dominance, Blind with Anger, a Scream of Terror and a Tr4iner com.

I am at the same time happy and frustrated:

Happy that I can finally stop “the fear of missing out farming” and be back to play normally. I am not into farming normally but there are so many things I wanted to try with terror anoints that I went into mind numbing unpleasant grinding

Frustrated, because psychostabber with terror cryo is most likely going to elude me despite hundred of Borman kills

The best terror combo I got is:

  • Starved Beast X3 CH
  • Shield with ammo regen
  • Grenade with apply terror
  • Moze with Forge and Some for the road skills

If you guys aren’t familiar with Starved Beast X3, it eats a lot of ammo even with Moze unlimited ammo regen. The terror anoint makes holding the trigger for really long times POSSIBLE. This makes the Starved Beast X3 a true beast.

Also the uRad + Vindicator Ghast Call is nasty combo.

Are you using this? As a player who actually likes Dominance as it was, this COM is almost non-functional. Specifically, when your pet Dominates an anemy with a killing blow, the enemy is on a death timer (guaranteed to die after its health reset expires). With a patch some time ago, pets don’t recognize the allegiance change, and continue to attack them, even though they’re “already dead”. This prevents the pet from attacking actual enemies, and kills this new ally faster. Like if the pet is just going to finish the job, what’s the point of the allegiance switch? I suppose it prevents the pet from taking more damage. On a similar note, if I Dominate an enemy and the pet does as well, producing two allies (and somehow the pet leaves them alone), our two Dominated allies will fight each other instead of focusing on live enemies. Again, one of these is already dead (the other may or may not be, depending on their health when I turned them). The COM works as advertised, it’s just the behavior of our allies (pets and Dominated enemies) that makes this COM less than ideal. I don’t think this is Gearbox’s intended behavior? I’ve got a ticket in for it, but we’ll see.

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Look, to be honest, I’ve never used it so far because I don’t really like it on its own and I only wanted no throw it in a mass-allegiance changing build for the sake of overkill.

Anyway yeah, I originally thought that the pet would stop attacking the allied enemies, but if they don’t, I don’t really see how it’ll be practical at all, especially after the Dominance change.

So there should be a new hotfix today then to turn it off, right?

In somewhat related news - looks like Designer’s Cut drops one day earlier, on November 9th:


I would imagine there should be a Hotfix today to turn off the event. But so far no news :man_shrugging:

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I’ve just gotten to the point of not caring. The “loot” doesn’t seem worth the time, to me anyway.

Well, damn. I thought that it was going until Dec 5.

Oh well, I was hoping for Moze to get a Fearmonger at her current level but it’s all good.

Yeah, I came back to this game last Saturday and just didn’t have the time to complete this year’s challenges, let alone farm for terror gear…oh well. It happens.

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I farmed a few terror gear but decided to sell everything. My bank is just to full to get more diffrent pieces of gear. I have 3 terror on meele recharger with diffrent elements and prefixes. There are just to many combinations…

Amazing how people have had issues claiming rewards from day 1 of the event, only for gearbox to not fix it at all during the entire month, and support has been utterly worthless. If it were other devs they would be compensating people and apologizing.

And to make it worse, the game said it was going to run till December. I could have the run the event a second time on another character except I wasn’t in a rush and only finished on the last day.