PSA - Bugged Titles

Hello All,

This is a Public Service Announcement.

The patch that just dropped (Oct. 13) made a modification to the Titles submenu that’s located at Command >> Career >> Titles. The modification is that in addition to the description of what is required to achieve the title there is now progress information. For example, the Master of X titles require completing all of a Battleborn’s lore challenges and finishing a match at character rank 15. If you’ve completed the lore but have not reached lvl 15 then your progress is 50%. The inclusion of the 50% in the description text is what is new.

Now here is the rub. There is a high probability that you have met the requirements for some titles but the title remains locked. Before the patch it was impossible for you to know that these titles were bugged but now that you can see the progress percentage you can easily identify the bugged titles and submit a ticket w/ GBX’s support site.

The fastest way to find these bugged titles is to sort the titles by Completion. This will provide a clear delineation between completed and locked titles w/ the completed ones appearing before the locked ones. You will probably see a few that are 100% yet still have the lock icon on them. Take a screenshot w/ your mouse/pointer over the title so that GBX can see that the progress is 100% but the title is locked and submit it using the link above.

For example,




So I’m actually supposed to have bada bada boom lol Oo
An d coopetition as well, I guess that one tons of peoples have it bugged.

Thanks for the tip, I will make a request then.

That new stuff makes it super easy to track down any problem indeed, as well as tracking down what is our next title, that’s a cool change.

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I submitted a ticket. Now I wait for the magic to happen. :smiley:

Ooh, this is what my friend was talking about. Dang, I didn’t have any locked so I didn’t realize!

Yep, I have bada bada boom locked even tho it’s 100%. Will submit a ticket too when I’m in the mood for that. ^^

i’ve “gotten” that one tons of times, but never been given the credit.

Coopetition is a real pain in the butt.

Also, does the Worthy of Song challenge keep completing for other people over and over? Not every time, but I often get the WOS challenge unlock popup when I get above 25 kills. Is that supposed to happen?

Turns out I’m short 4 titles. Obliterator, worthy of a song, nope nope nope and coopetition. The very odd part is that I’ve been winning games and not getting credit for obliterator title. Considering the complete breakdown in data extraction for results, is hard to trust the fact that there couldn’t be more missing information from my profile… What a mess. I’m not even going to bother putting in a ticket for these. It seams rather stupid that their game works so poorly that it can’t count.

Challenges that are one match only, like worthy of song, and not over a lot of time, like Mini Minrec, can be gotten multiple times. You recieve the credits and exp but not the title multiple times.

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Thing is, I got those like I should. (Except for coopetition, since that seems to be bugged for all) Which means the situation is probably pretty specific. There was for example a bug very early on where challenges didn’t track properly if you left the match early - If I remember this properly. As said, it was very early on.
But when you need to do something very specific to re-create a bug… It’s hard af to track and fix.

Bugs happen. Gearbox is doing a lot better than others, though. coughbethesdacough

And they actually fix their ■■■■? And in a timely manner, too? While other games still out there, with game breaking bugs, years later.
It’s unfair to give GBX ■■■■ for this. They’re human, not some game making machines.

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they are indeed. What I’m saying is that this game should be able to apply simple math in tracking these items. “win 250 games”. I mean it’s a pretty simple thing to track and even that is wrong. My point is that how can we trust the accuracy of the data, if it can’t keep a simple tab on Win v Loss.

It’s not really worth going on and on about it though. I don’t really care about the missing titles. Titanfall will be among us shortly and I’m having plenty of fun playing the new PVP mode.