PSA: Certain Mayhem mods might cause crashes/freezes

I’ve been having a few freezes when messing around on M10. Those only occured after knocking it up to M10 and stopped happening after re-rolling the modifiers.

The Modifiers I had during the freezes were:

1: Big Kick Energy (increased damage, increased recoil)
2: Mob Mentality (enemies that are close to each other receive a damage boost)
3: Chain Gang (Enemies are linked with damaging beams)
4: Holy Crits (increased crit damage, decreased non-crit damage)

If you are experiencing crashes, check your modifiers to see if you have rolled one or several of these and try out whether re-rolling fixes it.

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+1 i have same problem

Same issue this is annoing.

Watching a lot of streams on Twitch runners on M10. They are dropping to single digit FPS due to the crazy particle effects stacking since enemies have 12,000% increase health.

It’s chaos. It’s kind of funny how wild The Takedown is now but the stability problems are real. Still having fun though.

+1 having same issue as well as sound bugging out and getting choppy as heck. Super annoying, its making it unplayable.

Pool party was a big one as well on top of those that were mentioned.