PSA: "competitive" queue is for all skill levels

“Competitive” queue is for balanced matches. “Casual” is for the quickest match possible.

If people are avoiding the competitive queue because they think they aren’t skilled enough, they’ve got it all wrong. In the competitive queue you will be matched with people close to your own skill level, WHATEVER THAT SKILL LEVEL HAPPENS TO BE.

The competitive queue will take a little longer to match you up, but for me at least, it has been well worth the wait so far.

Please give it a try, even if you don’t think you are a “pro”.


Perhaps they should rename Casual to Free For All and Competitive to Skill Matched. I’d also add the wait times. Short for Free For All and Medium/Long to Skill Matched.


Works for me. The matched queue is a better experience, IMO, if people are willing to wait a little longer. And if we get more people playing in that queue, it won’t take all that long (my two matches today didn’t take very long at all).

See the problem is, people play competitive for bonus rewards. This leads to a smaller amount of people in casual, and I can rarely find games. In competitive, because of skill based matchmaking, the matches also take much longer to find. Spotlight battles take 10+ minutes for a match and I don’t even bother with them. (All Xbox One)

So now I lose the game mode choice, I have much longer wait times, and these matches really haven’t been much better, I’ve found myself screwed over with ■■■■■■ teams more so now. Including a team that surrendered while winning “because they didn’t want to play anymore”

Interesting. I had good luck with the spotlight matches today (didn’t take nearly that long). Maybe a difference between platforms?

So, you are saying you can’t get into matches in the casual queue? That seems really strange, especially on Xbox…maybe a region issue?

There seem to be widely disparate opinions in this thread:

I’m from US, and had 3 minute waits as the longest queue times before the matchmaking update. It wasn’t until now that I had problems finding matches, and I’m gonna assume the player base didn’t drop that much in a few days.

I’ve had an easier - as in faster - time finding games as a PC player in the last two days, which is nice. Most of them have been in the casual queue(today) or spotlight map(yesterday).

I’ve had much less luck in the competitive map vote option - both in terms of wait times and games failing because of bailing.

But I also chose not to wait particularly long on those other modes and casual seems to be basically working out for me, so all’s well that ends well. But I will allow that someone keen on a specific map or mode might be having a bad time of it - I couldn’t get into the meltdown spotlight at all today, and someone who was set on competitive mode and thwarted would probably be less sanguine.

If you want to go into casual queue to get a faster match, go right ahead. I just want to make sure people know there’s no reason to be intimidate by the “competitive” queue because they mistakenly believe it is only for competitive play or competitive players.

That’s a fair point - and if people are looking for skill-appropriate matches, it does make sense for players of all skill levels to be in the mix and hopefully be matched with similarly skilled players.

I was mainly just observing that some of the casual-competitive distinction in the thread could be a little blurred because there are probably a fair number of players (at least on the pc side of the street) who may be putting being able to get into a pvp mode game at all over whether it’s casual or competitive.

But perhaps if people take the idea to heart that competitive mode is for anyone willing to try it, that situation will improve.

An all-ranks quick match queue doesn’t really have a place in Battleborn as far as I can rationalize. It’s a system that just doesn’t work with high Ttk games.
Players of much lower skill levels are never really able to push or feel accomplished against players of high skill. It’s too easy for the player of higher skill to escape in the time they have, and too hard for the lower skilled player not to end up needing to retreat themselves or get outplayed because the skilled player has enough time to assess his situation.
In low Ttk games even bad players can get ‘lucky’ with kills. They’re still incredibly not likely to win, because the better team will win encounters more times on average over the course of a game, but the weaker players will at least feel like they’ve had an impact on the match.

It’s unfortunate though that competitive is such an empty queue. Splitting the queue in the manner Gearbox did was probably a bad decision, that didn’t actually solve the problem at hand but created a new one.

How many times were they warned about the labels they had planned for these modes??? It’s no wonder the community is up in arms about everything that’s going on smh


Let me try again. Those distinctions already HAVE been blurred by the queue names, and it’s causing some issues. Those queues have NOTHING to do with casual or competitive play.

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