PSA: Do not buy Borderland 3 for Splitscreen

What the hell guys! Going into inventory crash’s the game! I can’t play split screen. Why don’t you test before realeasing garbage. Your ■■■■ bugs and crashes just lost you awards and a chance for game of the year. High hopes ruined. What a waste. Inventory had tooooooo many graphics! Make it simple so it stops crashing! Lost legendaries on the floor because of crash. What does it take to make inventory work! This is beta garbage. Fed up with this. It’s been month we told you! Fix it.

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But the programmers of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  • Matthew 8:12 (paraphrased)

That’ll do the trick…


Yea it does do the trick if enough people say it. Why are we charge full price triple A game when we get a game that feels like it’s in beta when playing split screen or online. But this generation of gamers seem to think that it’s ok to bend over and pay 120$ for a delux game even though it’s broken. I don’t get it. You should be voicing concerns with the game no? You want them to know what’s broken because clear’y They have no idea. That’s why I’m in the forums trying to reach them. But hey, some people just enjoy playing games as is without trying to improve it.

Re: Splitscreen, there’s already a 800+ replies thread on that issue in the tech support area, starting here:
Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?

There’s also a multitude of threads on the inventory crash bug, available via the search function.

I do not doubt that you’re quite frustrated, but I do doubt that another thread on a known issue will turn things around, especially in the holiday season.

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