PSA: EOS bonus damage prioritisation and distribution

Hey fam. Nemo here.

So I’ve been hard at work this weekend trying to get my stuff straight for my comeback king guide (which may get pushed back because of this) and I swear ever time i try to do one of these thread guide things I bump into something new. Last time it was the EOS skill damage correlation. This time it has to do with how EOS handles damage to multiple targets and from multiple sources. And I have no idea if anyone knows about this or not but I couldn’t find anything to suggest it was common knowledge so I that justified the creation of this thread. Wurf.

So I’m going to give a bit of a spoiler here on my next thread. the comeback king benefits from EOS normally. But I was testing my total damage output and found that it was less than expected. Irritated, i proceeded to do more tests and crunch some numbers. after a few hours of grief I came to the realisation that the comeback king was somehow not benefiting from from EOS when I came straight out of stealth. I chalked it up to a bug with the king itself and went about to work on the rest of my guide.

Then I came to testing a few more scenarios with the king, primarily to see if the nova on the king still benefited from EOS when I was targeting an entirely different enemy. it didn’t. So I gave up for the night and played some story mode. During which I just so happened to be playing Deande with my normal PVP loadout equipped. At one point I went in for a burst dash and missed, the damage giving different pop ups from the comeback king.

this is what I saw:

as you can see it’s three separate damage pop ups, one for each enemy (yes there are three, the third is just hiding somewhere. i have the video of the encounter if you’d like to confirm or you can trust me). As you can also see one damage pop up is different. Seeing those numbers gave me the idea to try something else, so I hit them all again with my melee attack while still buffed by EOS and making sure to hit them all at the same time.

I got these numbers:

You can do the math if you like (I already have), but i assure you that the one number that’s higher is increased by whatever amount EOS is at.

after I saw this I remembered something my friend @Xelaris96 asked me about a few months prior where he was getting different numbers on burst dash. I rushed to the dojo to put my idea to the test and got these numbers:

Okay. So what does all this mean?

I’m so glad you asked.

basically it means that at any given instant EOS only buffs one damage source on one target. If you are damaging ten minions with a single burst dash from stealth then it means that only one of them is receiving the full buffed damage from EOS. if any attack damages more than one enemy then only one enemy is getting the full damage from EOS and if two attacks happen at the same time only one will get EOS on that one target.

I don’t know any better way to phrase what’s going on here.

the prioritisation for which enemy receives the EOS buffed attack seems to be random when all enemies would otherwise take the same damage. However when there are two attacks happening at the same time (the case of the comeback king) the higher damage of the burst dash is prioritised 100% of the time.

what are the implications of this?

well to start with the description of the skill is wrong. It clearly states that “all of Deande’s skills and attacks deal 25% additional damage”. Well they don’t. And while it isn’t a massive reduction to damage on a single target this is a major drop in wave clear potential, especially on ground zero (full disclosure: i haven’t played around with GZ with the intent to look at this phenomenon yet. Plan to do that tomorrow morning). furthermore it makes collateral kills harder to get, and I love a good collat.

And I’ve been asked if this affects the ult. No it doesn’t. not even on multiple targets because the blinks are staggered. the only time this takes effect is when multiple things are damaged at the same time or by multiple sources at the same time.

this by no means ruins Deande or anything. it doesn’t even ruin the comeback king as I hope to tell you all about soon, so keep using the damn thing if you have it. It’s just something that those who play Deande should be aware of. and it’s something that bugs me. speaking of bugs, it’s probably a bug. I have submitted my bug report ticket.

that’s pretty much it. if anyone has anything to add or if you want me to provide some footage then let me know. Anyway I hope someone out there at least found this interesting like i did.


Nice find… I felt something was different with the burst dash lately. Was it like this before or was it a stealth nerf so Deande won’t go around bursting things to bits. But this is nice to know. Thanks Nemo

It has always been like this.

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What shade said. It’s been like thus fir at least a very long time as far as I can tell. I only just recently noticed it though because before now I’ve only been really nit picky about my single target DPS.

And @ShadowHaven did you know this was a thing before? Cuz I looked everywhere and I couldnt find anyone talking about it.

I always thought it was a damage drop off… Nice find!

Plz test it with ground zero :smile:

Yeah, but I didn’t overlook it. The damage I saw I was fine with

Fair enough

So what determines which target gets the EOS buff? Is it the first one that gets hit by Comeback King’s AoE?

Random as far as I can tell. The second screen shot has is me hitting the varelsi with normal melee and as you can see the middle one gets the increased damage. That led me to the conclusion that it is not the nearest target to the center of the hit box, or Deande herself for that matter.

The only prioritization that makes sense to me is that the base burst dash always recives the EOS buff. I.E. The higher damage always wins out.

But I can’t test a other scenarios reliably so that’s as far as I got

Maybe they can implement a QoL buff that makes it more clear on who gets its.

Or they could make it buff all the other stuff as one would expect. I would be in favour of that. More damage for me.

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