PSA Flakker reverted by new patch; uses 4 ammo again with a 1 ammo clip EDIT: may be a bug regarding hotfixes not applying properly

More proof that the thing which caused the patch to be so horrible was using an internal branch patch as the basis which was not up to date with current hotfixes and patches;

Flakker uses ammo from the ammo pouch again, for every trigger pull, the 1 ammo clip is used and the additional ammo consumed comes out of your ammo pouch.

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“internal branch patch?” What does this mean?

I think he means someone grabbed a version that did not incorporate the newest hotfixes before releasing patch.



Not sure what you mean, because my flakker still only use 1 ammo.

It uses the rest of the 4 ammo, it’s just subtracted from your ammo backpack directly.

Nope, still uses 1 ammo.

Then you’re either wrong or are lying. Tested it extensively last night while doing the Takedown.

On Pc, the flakker still only uses 1 ammo per shot. I just started the game and shot a couple of times. 1 ammo consumed. And no, the other 4 rounds where not taken from my ammo pool.

and I dont use the flakker just because of that reload speed…that pump suck

Weird, wonder why it’s an issue on PS4 and not PC.

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On Moze, half the time you don’t even have to reload and when you do, manually reload after your shot, It’s much faster than waiting for the game to reload.

yeah but…i like os many other guns more

Perhaps they are using old “internal branch patches” on consoles then? :thinking:

If so I would wish that Microsoft would introduce the 50k fee to approve new patches again there, because you know the quality of patches were definitely better back there.

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it’s not, because it’s still using 1 ammo for me and i’m on PS4. my guess is you didn’t have hotfixes applied when you tested it.

I was playing the Takedown on M4 with friends last night so the hotfixes were definitely applied.

If I jump on PS4 right now and the Flakker uses 4 ammo, I will not be impressed lol.

That does not mean that hotfixes are applied though. because you can still do takedown and play with friends with, or with out hotfix active.

We had the night screen with the big sign that said hotfixes applied. They were definitely applied.

You could just post a vid and not call people liars since you’re on PS4.

There might be some weird online crap happening tho.


I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for showing this.