PSA for Flakker Users

Manually press the reload button each time you fire so that the reload can commence immediately. The gun won’t automatically reload until the explosion animations are complete so you should manually reload each time you fire. Since it’s going to consume 1 ammo after this hotfix, it’s going to be somewhat usable again, especially if you manually reload.


I run flak so reloads are not a worry. as long as I get crits it reloads automatically.

Also, small bonus from today’s patch notes:


  • Now consumes 1 ammo instead of 5.

i have found this with a lot of guns, a bug where if you get to the end of the clip, it just never reloads automatically, found that with a lot of guns.

This one always reloads automatically for me, but for some reason it waits for the end of the explosion animation before it does so, wasting precious seconds.

yeah in one fight i pressed the trigger at the end of the clip to auto reload like it should, and waited for the animation only to find out it’s not doing it, and boom ffyl because of this bug.

in a game of twitch reaction controls. it feels like it’s seriously bugged.