PSA: For those target-farming Class Mods and/or Relics during this weeks event

Farm Graveward instead.

- 30k+ XP per kill
- Loads of money
- Loads of eridium
- Fast Travel station right outside
- Easy to kill, even on Mayhem 3
- Can drop upwards of 7(!) Legendaries at a time including Class mods and Relics

Seriously, do NOT waste your time anywhere else.



What about shields? Need good anointed for my Moze :frowning:

I have had plenty of class mods from the troopers in a few hours of total farming them. I’ll stick to the rares ty :slight_smile:

Do we really need a PSA for this? Feels like this is common knowledge if one actually played the game and not focused on complaining on forums.

But overall I agree.

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Gigamind is also a good Source for Class Mods.Even Relics.
General Traunt seems to be a Relic-Boss, got plenty from him.

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Well, if you want to take it further, farm slaughter shaft or graveward offline for even more xp and legendaries.

A grenade build Moze with hex and flakker will make slaughter shaft M3 (offline) easier. By the end of 5 rounds, the map will be swimming in legendaries. Take the powerful weapons found from the shaft, move them to a crit Fl4k, then Graveward wil be easy too.

One or both of these characters can then be used to farm any boss in the game with relative ease, online or offline (but offline provides greater rewards).


Does farming offline still gives you more benefits on legendary and xp farming?

Last I played was 2 days ago but yes XP and legendaries were greater. Great for getting guardian rank up.

I was playing split screen offline with a friend, painful to the eyes, but we both got alot of legendaries which we shared between us.

Not everybody has the right gear to kill him with ease. If it takes more than 10 Minutes, youre more effective to farm the power rangers


Each one of the five Force Troopers can drop a legendary class mod, and their loot pool isn’t cluttered by the world pool.

PSA: If you’re going to “target-farm” for class mods, use the designated drop source, not a boss that can drop anything from the world pool. Seriously, do not waste your time “target-farming” Gravewarden.


Is this confirmed? I’ve only ever had the badass drop one

The point is the Graveward is the better package overall though.

Yeah, I’ve had 2 runs where 2 of the 5 troops dropped a legendary Class mod each. It’s rare, but it happens.

Edit: just happened again, the black and red one dropped one simultaniously.

i won’t farm graveward for the simple fact that it’s boring as f*ck to me. i rather just run around and farm every boss/miniboss in one go.

lyuda on my moze mayhem 3 easy graveward farming. swap to a lightning crossroad and super easy storm trooper farming. However i’ve only recieved 2 legendary class mods from farming the storm troopers 30 times but that was yesterday so i’ll try again today and see if maybe its worth.

It hasn’t been my experience. I get more leg class mods from gigamind or a random boss than i have from any designated event target so far.

same for grenades. farming split screen … i might get one nade. Regular targets I might get that and anything else from the loot pool.

In general the mule with lower guardian rank gets most of the designated target drops and the host and main account toon gets nothing.

It’s sad these events are so poorly done as if you try to properly take part in them it’s just an exercise in frustration when you could be getting better drop elsewhere with far less time/annoyance :confused: I mean if you are going to kill and reload every minute anyway you might as well kill something worth killing …

The difference imo is that graveward drops all items. Ive been farming mother of gorgons and get a relic every 3 or 4 runs. If your looking for specific items these are better than graveward.

I wish force troopers had same drop as mother of gorgons, a relic every 5 to 10 runs is acceptable, but troopers is like 1 every 25+

Do you know if she drops deathless artifacts? I’m getting somewhat consistent drops but not a single deathless. Plenty of the crappy ones (sliding/slamming)