PSA: For those target-farming Class Mods and/or Relics during this weeks event

It does seem like the drop rate on the Force Rangers is quite low. I’ve only gotten 2 legendary class mods from about 13 farms so far.

2 in 13 is wonderful … I killed them 50 times and got 1 legendary that wasn’t even for my class LUL I’m over these lame events. You’re better off just farming bosses or randomly running through areas tbh.

but this was the problem with P&T and Katagawa. I got more class mods when I was farming KillaVolt or Gigamind for their drops. The sense being anybody but the assigned class mod sources

@RAAMzilla I know you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Graveward is honestly a very boring farm. I’ll be fine with going for those rare enemies. I mainly just want to see if I can get better versions of stuff I have, maybe something new IDK.

They can all drop them, i had a few runs where 2 dropped at same time for different troopers

Gravy is great for offline farming. Great xp, decent loot.

But for dedicated mods, the troopers are best with event going on. I pulled a bunch in a few hrs of farming them.

Everyone, do yourselves a favor and go after the rare spawns at least once. The Easter egg and fun is worth it. Not always about the fastest way to get the gear. Enjoy the game.


Not sure how relevant this is to you folks but I was farming Warden(in Anvil prison) for a Freeman last night on my Moze and out of 20 kills I got 6 legendary class mods(along with a bunch of other legs).

Seems good to me.

I tested this myself yesterday and had two drop twice.

You’re talking about “target-farming” class mods or relics in the OP. Five regular mob enemies, all that have a chance to drop a legendary class mod, vs one enemy who can drop anything from the world pool of over 100+ legendaries. Tell me how is Graveward the better package for “target-farming”?

An hour at Graveward will give you more of both than the actual dedicated sources.

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Also what’s with the sarcastic quotations on target-farming, it actually is a thing, like.

No he wont

I farmed him for over an hr leveling a character.
I got 1 class mod. I got weapons to drop i didnt need need as well as 4 or 5 brawlers and 3 graves. Didnt need those either.

I farmed the troopers an hour before him. I got 7 class mods.

How long per kill?

Troopers were faster, maybe 30 seconds using rad recurring and crossroads, Gravy was maybe 40 seconds with a lyuda, not a huge difference.

Gravy gives you more xp, money and eridium, but that not what this is about.

It’s about specific rare boss spawns and there specific loot.

Wait you said you were levelling a character, so we’re you on Normal or TVHM? If you’re levelling a character I wouldn’t imagine you’re on Mayhem 3 which is what I meant.

Unless you meant boosting a friend?

Ive been getting plenty of drops from the rare spawns and think graveward is overated and stale personally. Also you need some pretty specific gear to instagib him and make it worth it so not everyone could farm him effeciently…

Split screen, mayhem 3 normal, online.

So its even tougher for me because I’m leaving the second player at the save point and fighting the boss alone.

Again, that has nothing to do with YOUR OP.

It’s better to farm the specific bosses for the specific loot. No matter what mode your playing.

It makes no difference whether it’s normal mayhem 3 or tvhm mayhem 3. That’s been stated already on multiple forums, not just this one.

It’s better to farm bosses that offer dedicated loot drops that farming Gravy.

It’s common sense. Why farm a boss that drops a ton of loot if you can farm a boss that has specific loot a player is after.

Gravy can drop 6 legendaries, but if none are a class mod I want, what’s the point.

Ill farm the troopers KNOWING my chance for a class mod is exponentially higher.

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Wow, more from the gears of War forums

An hour of farming an enemy with over a hundred items in his loot pool will give you more class mods than an hour of farming a mob of five enemies that can all drop mods. No, this is not how statistics work.

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Ok everyone lets shush on giving everything good in the game away, as you all know Christmas is on its way that means tons of screaming kids all wanting this game as their pressie from Santa.

So how does that effect those that already own it i hear you say? Well its like this as there is already another player base out there just waiting for December 25 to jump into the Mayhem Gearbox dont really have to care or worry about upsetting the ones already playing the game.

If you keep giving away all the great things we love right now in the game they will nerf or remove them knowing that come Christmas day all those new players will never have had all the lovely stuff we had and they wont miss it when its gone.

Gearbox have got a good few patching days left until Christmas so its time for us beta testers to start pointing out the technical issues only and not the things we love.


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Actually try it, I swear you will get more class mods and relics from Grave than their actual dedicated sources. No joke.