PSA: Gearbox secretly nerf Demoliton Woman capstone "short fuse" last patch

Edit /update : apparently the PC version does not have this issue so this could be a bug exclusive to the PS4 version. However at the time of this writing Gearbox has said nothing on this particular issue.

I’m tired of them going on the record and saying no more major nerfs, then went ahead and completely broke not only Means of Destruction but also blatantly lied and secretly nerfed Mozes demolition woman capstone , “Short Fuse” which prior to the patch is what made the splash bonus heavy skills you invested in all worth it, as now 20% of all your shots will proc a secondary splash explosion, meaning it procced things like fire in the skag den, means of destruction, torture cross promotion , and all other skills you invested in for splash damage.

Now after the last patch, they secretly and with total disregard to the community and even their own promise not to do major nerfs, made what is possibly the most severe nerf they can make for the demo woman tree

For someone who has always invested heavily in the demo woman tree and loved Short fuse , the difference within minutes of installing that nightmare patch (besides of course the broken MoD ) was the fact that short fuse no longer regenerated ammo or grenades , no longer set enemies on fire, no longer had chance to double In size … nothing. The only way you can get advantage of splash skills now is to use splash damage weapons…so essentially no more Jakobs , and heavy replace on Torgue weapons.

I dont understand why GBX thinks treating its community with such utter disrespect is ok? Why not be honest and include that intentional and massive nerf in the patch notes ? If you believe what you are doing is right , why have to hide it like this ?


I was also disappointed to find out that my short fuse does not proc splash abilities. Logically, i assumed that it would.
I wish the ability menus provided more info, as I find them too vague for me to properly map a character.


I suspect this might be another PS4 exclusive issue. I was testing Splash Damage today and Short Fuse was proccing Fire in the Skag Den.

I don’t run short fuse in any of my regular builds so I can’t speak to its reliability or interaction with MoD. However I can say it definitely still works with FitSD on PC.


I am ps4, and it does not seem to.


I keep hearing it still works on PC. Hopefully it IS a bug.

And boy did it ever work with Means of Destruction. With my Shrediffier and Short Fuse explosions I would go from 0 to max grenades in like 2 seconds. It was almost instantaneous

Now after patch it doesn’t refill ammo or grenades ar all. Guns like Shrediffier that I’d never run out of ammo on now I almost always do before I finish a Proving Ground. It’s a massive nerf to entire tree

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i’m on PS4 and this have been my feeling lately too. i see many people saying it works for them, so i’ve assumed it was platform specific. i’ve not tested amaras infusion skill but it’s apparently working correctly on PC for example.


Just wanted to report back, I’ve done further testing. For the duration of my testing I specced 3/3 MoD, I started with 0 grenades and never got any back, this was over maybe 50 procs of Short Fuse. The sample is too small to say definitively Short Fuse can’t proc MoD on PC, however it does look likely.

The other thing is that Short Fuse definitely still gets damage bonuses from AOE and Splash.


Most likely a glitch, not that big of a deal because short fuse was a small damage buff anyway (it worked out to something like 20% I think) . You’re better off using guns with guaranteed splash if you want to proc means of destruction, as a 20% to do splash * ~10% change to regen ammo is really pathetic. Guns with splash will also reap all the benefits you talk about constantly instead of occasionally.

I think it should be guaranteed splash damage on kill and get a bit of a damage buff. Right now I don’t even bother speccing into it and I can’t notice much difference on mayhem 3 tvhm.

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Well there’s your problem: you dont even use it. I always have, so for someone like me the secret nerf is most definitely a "big deal "

Regardless of overall damage, the main appeal of the cap stone is the fact it synergize so damn well with all the Splash damage skills you’ve been investing in all down that tree. Suddenly, the fruits if your effort is that every single damn gun in the game does splash damage so take full advantage of those skills.

With this secret nerf , well you suddenly cant use 75% if guns in this game .

Besides all of this: why the secrecy? Why not say anything to your fans ?


Popping the game open to try myself too.

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Some people are saying some skills are still working with short fuse. So I don’t think it is a nerf. The better way for the skill would be to buff the precentage. It is a capstone skill after all why are we accepting 20%. It should at least be on the positive side of 50%.

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PC, MoD procs off Short Fuse but holy crap the odds are whack

Correction: odds aren’t whack. I’m just so used to a Splash Weapon doing Short Fuse and Mini Nades that I’m used to having new grenades all the time

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Honestly I never even cared a about about the damage of it , I cared about it because all of a sudden for one measly point , all guns in the game can do splash damage , so all guns in the game can proc means of destruction and constantly regen ammo or grenades, or proc fire in the skag den and set enemies on fire , or have their explosion radius double into a beautiful mini nova explosion.

All that is gone by this deceptive nerf, leaving you with no choice but to limit the guns you use to mostly Torgue and Tediore reloads .

I noticed this change literally within minutes after the first patch when for the first time in the longest time I ran out of ammo on my Shreddifier. This never happened before. Then I noticed enemies weren’t getting set on fire with the secondary explosions anymore, then I realized contrary to their word GBX yet again secretly and duplicitously nerfed moze and didnt say anything


They didn’t do it on purpose. That much is certain. And if you could please phrase it as a bug instead of some conspiracy theory secret nerf, it would be much appreciated.


As I said some people are still reporting it working. There seems to a PC/Console bug happening.

They have not Yet again deceptively nerfed anything.


Given the general state of the game in other areas l’d say its more likely a bug. Seems like whoever is doing the qa for ps4 needs a talking to. First we can’t mark trash issue now this. PlayStation exclusives…


I dont have a PC so have to take people’s word on it that it’s a bug . You’ll excuse me for assuming GBX did yet another secret Moze nerf. It’s not like they haven’t done this before or anything.

At any rate , this is one of those times I truly hope I’m wrong and ita a bug, it’s in their radar , and they are fixing it


It’s not a secret nerf though, it’s most likely just a bug. You’re theorising about why they did this when you don’t even know if they meant to. The problem isn’t that they did a ‘secret nerf’, it’s that the game is a mess and full of bugs and they’re slow to fix them. Why not say anything to the fans? Because gearbox is a mess right now and probably don’t even know this is a thing.

My problem with the skill is that I don’t think it really synergizes with how demo moze is actually played. You are most likely just going to use weapons with splash anyway, so a very minor boost to damage doesn’t help (especially given how you have to invest to the bottom of a tree for it). Instead of rolling with a 20% chance to proc your splash skills, you could just proc them constantly. Overall, the skill sucks and even if it worked wouldn’t recommend you go into it. You can save around 6 points if you decide to not go for it and use them elsewhere to make you build more well rounded.

No build can use every single gun in the game really, that isn’t how this game works. You create a build which is designed to perform well with certain types of gear, sometimes very specific gear. If you’re going into demo moze then you should not expect much from jakobs or dahl. That being said, I like the idea of short fuse making jakobs into explosive weapons. I think making it a kill skill with guaranteed splash, as well as increasing the damage of the splash, would make this into a pretty cool skill for a deputy moze build. For a splash base moze build, the damage buff to this skill would hopefully make it worth running.

So yeah, the bug sucks. But you aren’t losing out on anything because this skill would have very little impact as far as I have seen (because I have also used this skill mate). What build are you running? If you are using non splash weapons, going into demolition woman is kind of pointless.

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I don’t know why they would nerf it. It doesn’t do all that. There are sooooo many aoe weapons in this game that do sick damage. A lot do aoe, and don’t say it. Using a non aoe weapon when your buffing aoe is like using a non fire weapon with stoke the embers.

I have a hard time believing the PS4 version is getting any quality testing before these updates get rolled out.