PSA: Guardian Ranks can be toggled

In case you didn’t notice, once you have enabled Guardian rank you can then go and disable individual keystones.

Thank you GBX!

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A more pertinent PSA is that the update turns off your Guardian Ranks by default, so you have to reenable them for each character. And if you had gained any perks with another character since the last time you played the currently selected character, those perks will be individually toggled off when you reenable the Guardian Ranks system for that character.

It’s fairly annoying. Particularly for me, since I see no reason to ever turn it off.


Yeah I hear yah, not sure why OFF was the default. I did see a notice about the GR being turned off by default on the Discord server & a Tweet.

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OH SICK! :metal:

That’s way more than I hoped for!

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Since this - and a number of other important changes - are in the update’s patch notes, I’m going to close this and just drop the link here:

Please continue any discussion in the linked thread - ta muchly!