PSA: If you weren't able to redeem your Wedding Invitation, now's the time to farm one



Oh cool. Well thanks for the update.

yep, I was wondering if all the WI’s I was seeing was legit… good now you’re looking out for us BL3 players!

I got a Terminal Polyaimourous and four Wedding Invitations in a single run of Arms Race!

Nice to see this mentioned everywhere except the Gearbox Official Forum . . .

Even just a copy paste on the last Hotfix thread would be something.


haha expanded legendary loot pools mod go brrrrr

Funnily enough, the Wedding Invitation was literally the first world drop when I used that mod.

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I doubt this resolved them not dropping with Cartel anoints. Has anyone seen a URad, ASA200, 300/90 Wedding Invitation or Polyaimorous?


Does Wedding Invitation drop with Gamma Burst?

I just found one, never mind. Does the Polyaimourous deal splash damage?

I don’t believe they are spawning with cartel annoints. I just did a few proving grounds runs on mayhem 11. Got about 50 wedding invitations, not a single cartel annoint. Yeah I get that sometimes there is bad RNG, but it’s hard for me to believe out of 50 I didn’t get a single cartel annoint.

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I haven’t seen any with the cartel anointments, but on the plus side, I haven’t seen any with the DLC5 anointments either. Small victories…


Silver linings, good catch!

Yeah, it can drop with Gamma Burst bonus rad damage. I’ve gotten two or three of those.

Nope, no Cartel Anoints for this game. The best thing to get is probably ASE bonus elements or some character specific ones like Gamma Burst bonus Rad, SNTL Cryo, 300% Phaseslam and the likes.

Would have been nice for a small time extension to the event as playtime for many is limited to weekends.

Edit-- this game has mostly been a string of disappointment.

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Nift, I found one right after I posted that. Hopefully they revert how the anoint worked.