PSA: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Just a simple thought process that seems to slip past some players. Easiest example I can give is going into a veteran story mission. If you’re relatively new to that difficulty, and you walk into the first few enemies and instantly die, you probably won’t have much more success walking into them a second time after being revived. After a bit of leveling up veteran enemies are manageable but there’s no point burning through all of our lives at level 1 because you went in to get obliterated or you went in to revive the first guy despite seeing him get obliterated and not dealing with the threat first.

The same can apply to PvP too, but I’m too lazy to give an example, and I only thought of making this while going through a veteran story mission where we lost all our lives early to a few players, the two players who couldn’t respawn just gave up and left while the remaining 3 of us played smart and blasted through the mission. I’d like to say I didn’t die at all but I somehow managed to pull off some sort of tokyo drift on the edge of the map and my allies weren’t nearby to revive.


I’ve queued for many Advanced difficulty Story missions where I was paired up with sub-command level 10 players. Knowing that they most definitely haven’t completed normal and knowing that we were going to fail the mission, I’d warn them during the intro to stick close to me for heals as the npcs hit hard and they would die in just a couple of hits.

Not much we could do about it except to queue with players on friends list. It would be glorious to have some sort of control on settings where we could set a minimum command level or Normal completion requirements first as in a more customizable Group Finder feature.

I wouldn’t even bother picking support into randoms for a veteran mission unless I was going to be dealing a fair bit of damage too. Much rather roll some absurd ranged dps that can take down meatier units at level 1 from a safe distance.

Limiting veteran to players who have at least gotten Silver on all normal missions could be good.

Speaking of which I somehow scored 106,000 points and got a gold score soloing Veteran Heliophage with Toby. Most of that was incoherent screaming as I ran past the hordes of 1hko and found out the hard way that Veteran Heliophage means I fight 2 bosses at once for each phase.

then i guess im mad since 120 try’s on the renegade and still no brooch but im going to try again tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

I really really really hate that quote though, its very dumb. Flip a coin.

Flipping a coin is exactly why the quote is important. Not everything is a coin toss, it often requires active change on your part to have a different outcome.

It pretends chaos is not a thing, its a stupid quote, its not even the real definition. You can do the same thing on different days and have different outcomes. You can do the same thing at the same time and have evolving outcomes. If you’re hungry and eat a cracker, you arnt insane for thinking more crackers will help.

In your example, the variables changed. Hunger, flipping a coin etc, there are variables at work so the outcome is different. Variable for hunger is determine by the size of the crackers/the size of your stomach, flipping a coin is determined by position of the coin in relation to your fingers, your muscle, and the air pressure etc. Assuming all variables are the same, you will get the same outcome. If you flipped a coin exactly with the same force and pressure and land on the same place it will give you the exact same outcome as your previous flip. However, most humans can’t perform that.

You can try to compile this print("hello world); a million times and it will never change the outcome because there’s a syntax error. So you are insane if you try to redo it an expecting a different outcome.


Considering I’m using this quote to describe the importance of trying new strategies in a video game, I’d argue that the influence of chaos can’t possibly be more minimized in this scenario. I’ve no interest in further arguing its other applications in life. Let me know when walking into melee range of 3 thrall bonecrushers on veteran mode at level 1 as orendi has a significantly different outcome than instantly dying and we can revisit this point.

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