PSA: jumping before activating IB starts it 2x as fast

Just saw this on YouTube.

For those that hate how long the IB animation takes, try jumping then activating it.

Its almost instantaneous


Yes, I do this quite frequently, especially during combat when I’m running and gunning. I thought this was pretty well known, lol.

Didn’t realize it was quicker. I’ve been doing that to avoid that instant exit bug that’s apparently fixed. Still habit though, guess I’ll keep doing that if it’s quicker.

This is good to know BUT I still want an option (maybe add it on the settings menu) to be able enter/exit IB almost instantaneously.

This means like how Flak’s Rakk Atk skill works (that’s the quickest example I can think of right now)

I just do this cuz it looks cool. I like moze doing a cannonball into her mech

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All the promotional material showed it and I loved that. It’s the same reason I like Amara’s Fist Over Matter.

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