PSA: Make Me Some Battleborn T-Shirts!

Ok, it’s been like 7-8 months since the game came out. Where are my Battleborn T-Shirts people??

And before anyone says they’re waiting for Gearbox/2K to make them, you do know that you can create your own right?

A quick google search found a listing on RedBubble, which has a few interesting ones up for grabs.

I have gotten a few fan-made Destiny T-Shirts from Teespring which allows you to design your own as a kind of limited release print type thing.

Another one is WeLoveFine, which I believe lets people submit designs that get voted on by the community and then made into actual shirts which are officially endorsed by the IP holders (might need someone from Gearbox to look into this one).

If you are an artist making cool Battleborn fanart, you should really consider checking some of these out :sunglasses:

…Imagine if someone made a Solus Day T-Shirt :heart_eyes:


I really wish I had an art program that I knew how to use.

I’d love to make me some Ernest and Orendi themed T-Shirts.

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I can draw somewhat, but I suck when it comes to coloring and adding polish. I can however take finished art and do some basic photoshoping to adapt the image to my needs so like if people have some really good art that would make cool T-shirts, I could try and do the bit that happens AFTER the original artwork is made.

As I’ve pointed out, there are now ways that fans can make their own merchandise now and I’d honestly love to have a cool shirt (or two or three) to parade around whenever I go to events and people will ask, “That looks cool! Where is that from?”

And I’ll say, “It’s from this fantastic game that no one knows about called Battleborn made by Gearbox with interesting characters and lore that has been sent through the wringer since launch and has steadily declined in player base as all the real fans burned out trying their damn hardest to keep it alive. I also made a ****ton of resources for it on my website to help players get the most out of the game, which (as I’ve been told) has had a real impact on how much more playtime people have been willing to put into it.”

They’ll be like, “That sounds really cool! I’ll have to check it out!”

50/50 chance they won’t, especially if they mention it to one of their diehard Overwatch friends, who has heard of Battleborn, who then tells them it is a ■■■■■■ copycat that deserves to die.

Funny story, I was at PAX Aus this year hanging out with Ron Gilbert and a bunch of Monkey Island fans and I had this random guy come up to me and comment on my cool Destiny T-Shirt, which I somehow managed to redirect to a discussion about Battleborn (because why not?) with basically the above dialogue played out (but without the 10-15 mins of careful forum editing to make it sound better and more salty). I wonder if he did end up trying out Battleborn in the end :thinking:

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