PSA: Meltdown is not team deathmatch

Because personally I feel like a lot of players missed the giant holo-memo that plays each match. :neutral_face:

Edit: Apologies for agressive post/rant; have had a string of Meltdown losses due to overzealous 1v1’ers and people who just let enemy minions waltz on by.


Yeah I’ve noticed here recently people have been using Meltdown matches just to get kills. It’s really annoying when they’re not killing minions and rushing into enemy territory too early and getting themselves killed. I had one match where everyone was on one side and wouldn’t help out the left side which had 3 enemies on it consistently and I couldn’t push them back. When finally I moved to the other side cuz I couldn’t get anything done they were 1v4 then 2v4 and my team was just going for kills.

It is almost like players want a TD mode. Hmmm… That would be something!

You’re totally right. 80% of the pug groups I join have no clue how to play. I just played a game where our Montana and Oscar Mike were hiding in the back the whole game. They never went passed the 2nd sentry.

Hey now, Don’t be telling them the right way to play, I enjoy my literal free wins against bloodthirsty players so intent on K/Ds that they forget what mode they’re playing.

Brings a smile to face whenever i see the enemy double+ my teams kills, yet lose 500 - 200~ lol. I just wish i could see their faces when the game ends and they’re all confused as how they lost XD

Once had a Benedict try to 1v1 me on Marquis in my lane for a full 4 minutes. He never shot a minion in all that time, just kept trying to shoot me lol, So i cleaned up his Minions and then poked him till ours came back XD


I will never understand posts like this, if they are going to ignore an in game feature teaching them how the game mode works why on earth would they ever go on the forums to learn about it? Why is this thread even needed so people can vent the frustration?

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Actually we have something similar… it´s called capture mode!
in this mode the focus is on PvP and not lane-/creep-control.

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Interesting… your team can win by kill totals? I was not aware of this, thank you for the information!

The thing is though that jumping into a 5 man pack and just roaming from side to side while steam rolling anyone you can catch and shoving in minions is actually really effective on that map, so there’s little incentive not to pay it that way.

If the enemy team is dead or backed up to heal you get free waves

I just won a game because the enemy team was like "hay gaiz our KDA is so good… wait y r we losing?!"
Meanwhile we were clearing their minions and listening to ours ‘ding ding ding’ into Minirec’s face.

There was a part where they were just standing on the middle shard platform of Paradise, and one or two people were just keeping them occupied. Was easy as hell. XD

What does PSA mean ? ._.

Phantasy Star Andromeda*

*I wish.

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