PSA: Playing dirty not working as intended!

Used the new mod with the Maggie/Lucians on the target dummie on sanc.
30% chance playing dirty (only from +2 on the mod itself - skill “unlocked” in skill tree but no regular points in playing dirty)

The skill reads:
Kill Skill:
After killing an enemy Zanes next 5 shots all have a chance to fire an additional bullet.

^This is currently incorrect.

I observed that often times all my other Kill Skills would reset but playing dirty wouldnt proc at all (no icon). I also noticed that every single shot after a playing dirty proc out of the 5 shots would give me the same damage (higher than normal) 100% of the time.

The way i assume it currently works with my method of testing is:
The % chance is a chance to proc the Kill Skill (rolled every time a kill skill would normally be triggered).
Every shot with the 5 procced shots is guaranteed to get +1 bullet

Not sure if this is a new bug or if its only an incorrect interaction with any of the variables used in my method of testing but yea…

PD should proc 30% of the time your killskills proc with your mentioned numbers.
Maggie is also a bad fit for PD, but it should indeed guarantee a +1 pellet for 5 shots if it procced.

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Yeah, this was brought up in the Zane skills rating thread a few weeks ago, and seems to be common knowledge amongst PD heavy users. I never knew prior

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Get a +3 PD com, add 5 points to get it to 100% and Maggie nukes

Now, I cannot say I have tested how the skill works, but I record a lot and I can definitely say that to me at least icon appears 100% of times (save for Guardian souls, are these count as kills?).

Thanks for confirming.

I wasnt sure if it was just a bug with the new com or if it always worked like that. Never ran low % chances on PD so i just never noticed.

Gearbox worded Playin Dirty’s description wrong.

actually with seein dead +DFC 7 points is 105% chance so that is all you need. it is working as intended.