PSA regarding anointed mobs

I still see people commenting on the difficulty of anointed mobs and especially the militant variety. While they still can be a serious PITA I’m not sure everyone caught that they were slightly nerfed in the recent hotfix:

This may seem like a modest change but it’s quite significant in my experience so far. Even at 50 in TVHM M3 a good cryo weapon can consistently take them down now due to this change and I had a lot of trouble with these before. Even the militant variety go down fairly fast in between their full immune stages.

I got an Arctic Dauntless Night Hawkin and it’s pretty much the anti-anointed mob weapon. It has been melting these little bastards. I also have a Trevonator with cryo that was doing well and it’s not even a level 50 weapons. IMO you need at least 1 good cryo weapon to carry around for these guys specifically.

From time to time I forget to switch to a cryo weapon against these guys and I’m quickly reminded of how stupid they are if not using cryo. Just thought some might find this info useful if you are still having issues with these mobs and didn’t snap to the recent change.


I guess the big caveat to this change would be if mayhem modifiers harshly diminish cryo or even elemental damage. In that case they will be back to being their usual PITA selves but at least you will always have an element that is not fully immune all the time.