PSA: supports can't save everyone don't blame them for every death or loss you have

I’ve had waaaay too many experiences like this: i pick miko or Reyna and I go full support build and try to help my team out wherever possible. Then people get the bright idea that since I’m going full on support that they can do anything now. These people then try to 3v1 or go right at a sentry and think that I can out heal anything thrown at em. Once their completely idiotic plan fails they decide that I’m the one to blame and that I’m an awful healer. Then once one person does it everyone thrashes me and says I’m a bad support player any time they die.(even if they die once… ONCE!) I don’t know where people got this idea of having one support equal invincibility but get that idea out of your mind.

Tl;dr don’t thrash your supports and say they’re sh*t whenever you die


Yep. Believe me, they already feel bad about your death. When I play Miko (the only healer that can heal consistently), I always have my regrets. Except when I use all healing gear and biosynth and you still die, that was your stupidity


Pretty much agree. Had a match a couple days ago where I had a hate message from an Orendi player complaining I wasn’t healing.
Here’s the kicker…we had three melee, Orendi, and me as Miko.
On Echelon. Against mostly mid to long range characters. With a Pendles.
I can’t keep all four of you healed at once, especially when you are NOT getting kills so I can’t get experience.
Eventually they started learning to duck the ■■■■ out rather than stay in combat and expect me to be in three different places, and we ended up turning the match around and winning.

It also didn’t help they kept begging for heals while I was being jumped by Pendles. And not helping me.


This. I’m not saying i don’t have my f*ck ups for example me as Reyna panic pressing the over shield button and the over shield goes to someone who didn’t need it


“When everyone survives, the tank gets credit. When someone dies, the healer gets the blame.”

That was true in WoW and every MMO that followed. It’s sad to see this happening in BB, given the mechanical differences.

But being flamed for ‘bad healing’ is something that I always expect, when I enter public PvP (which I didn’t actually do for over a week).
I main Alani, so getting some crap about my playstyle (not being top DD, despite attacking all the time; giving heals to player A instead of B; not being Miko) is something I always ignore. :rolling_eyes:

But being the single group healer sometimes makes me want to leave the group after the match.
Although, playing Miko is awesome, if your team plays with the right level of expectations. That’s actually how I got the Right Behind You title. (Heal/Dmg/CC assists)

Bottom line is: I am a support player at heart. I will always fill that spot, if needed. But no one needs those no-good sentry-diving jerks, that mistake having a team healer for invincibility. :grin:

Miko’s Heal Beam, Alani’s Wellspring targeting and Reyna’s Shield Boost can and will go wrong sometimes.
A small fact worth knowing, even if you don’t play them yourself.


Yea I hate that too… I’m sure a lot of new people playing support get that as well. What I usually do is I look at the score board to see who is most active and prioritize on them. Don’t care if your the tank… if you aren’t doing anything, you will not get heals.

As a attacker I play like I have no healer. However, it does irritate me a bit when I’m doing the best in the team and still don’t get heals but oh well.

TLDR; in pubs, looking at the scoreboard and prioritizing your heals to the most active player can carry a team to an instant win


I’ve seen some people who never made it to that thought. Kind of disappointing, because certain characters need a hit-and-run playstyle that can’t rely on a healer to be present in their vicinity (thinking El Dragon or Pendles here).

(And maybe your healers are busy with those in team who couldn’t avoid damage. Just take it as a compliment, that you didn’t need a healer as much as the rest. :wink: )


What’s worse is I have finally started playing healers besides Reyna. OMG My teams were horrible, I would have the entire team healed but they couldn’t kill anything. So here I am playing as Miko making sure everyone is alive, but as soon as someone starts shooting them they run with me glued to their ass. Like seriously!? its 2v1 and you are getting healed why the hell are you running? I ended up with the most kills as miko and having only 2-3 deaths total on my teams. I had to switch to attack Miko because people couldn’t kill ■■■■.


Miko’s three rules of medicine…

  1. We do not heal stupid people.
  2. If we heal them, they will not learn!
  3. We taunt. We taunt them. We taunt our own teammates. We taunt them when they die. They taunt us, we taunt them. We taunt them. We make them KNOW it is not OUR fault. Red. Taunt. Red. Red. Red. Taunt. Red. Yellow. Taunt. Red. They die, we laugh. We heal the competent. We laugh at fools. We laugh. Oh how we laugh.



Miko was the second character I played after Orendi…I got that much heat as mentioned by the OP that I never played a support role in PVP again - just wasn’t worth the hate you get from people expecting you to save them from suicide runs etc.

Big props and respect to all the support players out there - there are some magic ones and I don’t think they always get the thanks they deserve

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I’ve been saying this since the game started. I’ve never gotten so many effing angry hate filled messages from dbags telling me how much I suck than I’ve gotten from this game.

When I’m healing especially. People seem to think you are supposed to be stuck to their ass when you are a healer.

How come I never get any heals from you @Benedict_87? You’re the worst healer in the game I swear. (On a side note, is it too late to write in for Benny as pres?)

I really don’t know about people sometimes. I mostly play supports in PvP, and every other time I play as Miko I get flamed for it.

Why aren’t you healing me? (even though I’m running straight into 4v1’s)

You should be healing me while I tank the sentry. (by the way, I’m playing as Caldarius)

I’m not getting any heals! (despite getting more than 50k healing)

C’mon, you should be pocket healing me. (So what if the rest of my team is bleeding out all over the floor)

You’re so useless! Why do you not have any kills? That’s pathetic! (Never mind the fact that you’ve been keeping the team alive the entire time while we run around like headless chickens)

Get over here and heal me! Worst support ever. (What’s that? You’re Kleese? What does that have to do with anything?)


Another thing that totally pisses me off when playing support is you are keeping everyone alive but when you’re in need of some help, Everyone runs away. You are left to fend for yourself.

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Or just ignore them cuz clearly they’re children. That’s what I do anyway


Never thought about it like that. I usually heal whoever most needs it but this will optimize the team. Thank you

I only play supports now when it’s looking like a stomp or when there’s only a Reyna or Kleese. Otherwise they can handle themselves (I don’t consider Alani or Reyna a main healer. More of an alt or burst. They can’t heal you without a time or battle constraint)

Yep after playing a support character this strategy seems to be the correct one to use if you are in pugs. I have seen so many people not doing anything actually productive besides shoot at the enemies (Not killing them) and nothing else, not killing minions, not gathering shards, not trying to find a better angle to attack to try to kill the other players. Just shooting and missing apparently. At least when I play a non support I don’t have to add “heal team mates” to my original routine of clear minions, kill battleborn if nearby, collect shards/heal/port back to base, and repeat.
When I play support it feels like I have to Clear minions/heal team, kill battleborn/heal team, collect shards/heal team, heal myself/heal team. If I can change that to “If I play support stick like glue to the best player” i’m all for it as long as that player can kill.