psDrEw's Secret Stash

Just wanted to put up the extra stuff I dont need (usually not for my character). No need to trade anything back.

LF Gamma Burst Guns (Optional)

Shocking Dauntless Kaos [A] Beastmaster Fade Away
Packin Devastator [A] Beastmaster Rakk Attack
Double Penetrating Shredded Laser Sploder [A] Beastmaster Rakk Attack
Super Frozen Ten Gallon [A] Beastmaster Rakk Attack
Redundant Brainstormer [A] Rakk Attack
Melty Fasterized Pestilence [A] Beastmaster Fade Away
Dangerous Superball [A] Siren Phasegrasp
Dastardy Maggie [A] Action Skill 100% Melee
Artic Tamed Malak’s Bane [A] Operative Barrier
Arc Battery Big Boom Blaster [A] Operative Digi Clone
Auditing Crossroad [A] Digi Clone
Subsidized Negotiating Fearmonger [A] Operative STNL
Ruby’s Wrath [A] ASE Projectile Speed
Razrez Damned
Deep Dive Face Puncher
Adrenaline Rough Rider
Sprint Rough Rider
Snowdrift Rocket Boots
and more coming soon…


Can I possibly get the Radiation Crossroad?

My PSN is: J0E_SK0

Those are zero’s in my name. Thank you!


  • Queen’s Call w/ 2.2x Zoom (Radiation/Anointed Siren/Phaseslam 300%)
  • Undermining Crossroads w/ 2.6x Zoom & 10 crit. dmg & 44% Shield Capacity (Radiation/Anointed/Action Skill End, Crit. Dmg is increased by 25%)
  • Rowan’s Call w/ 1.7x Zoom & +21% crit. dmg (Fire)
  • Hostile Crossroad w/ 1.5x Zoom & 10% crit. dmg & 25% Shield Capacity (Fire)
  • Rowan’s Call w/ 3.3x Zoom & +21% crit. dmg +15% Weapon Fire Rate,+15% Reload Speed (Shock)
  • Cash-Infused Crossroads w/ +21% crit. dmg (Shock)
  • Lucian’s Call w/ 3.3x Zoom & 33% Weapon Fire Rate (Corrosive)
  • Auditing Crossroads w/ +21% crit. dmg & 25% Weapon Shield Capacity (Cryo)
  • Epicenter Grenade


  • Anointed Hellwalker (75% dmg boost on action skill end)
  • Elementalist Amara Mods
  • Legendary Mods

Of course. Got any items listed above. Its ok if not

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I believe I might have a phasecast legendary class mod…I’m away from my PS4 right now, but I will check for you as soon as I can.

Hey is that Lyuda still available?

It is. Add me on psn

Okay mine is RICH_RULEZ.

Added. Ill send it out a little later. Trying to farm for some stuff

Ofc my man if u find anything in your hunts about operative im here and ill trade for it.

I got those two class mods if youre interested. Im always looking for gunner/siren gear or annointed Tediore guns

Ofc ill take em, I have a couple of annointed things for the gunner. I have to look to make sure on specifics.

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Thank you for the gun. I do have a Primeval Mediative Phasezerker Legendary Mod. It’s only level 32 tho. It’s yours if you want it.

*Edit… just noticed you said Phasecast. Sorry don’t have anything with that. My apologies.

Ill take that for a friend who isnt lvl 50. Send by mail?

Sure thing… I’ll be online in about 3 hrs from now and I’ll send it over.

Sent. Thank you again!

hi, would love to play around with the Burning Flakker
psn: f0rmiz ( 0 is a zero)

Yeah sure. Ill send it your way later

awesome, ty. are u looking for some specific items? maybe i got smth for ya

Annointed Tediore weapons or Gunner/Phasecast annointed. Thanks for checking