Pseudo-leveling build for Fl4k (from level 50)?

Fl4k was my first character that I played at launch. I hit 50 but was so annoyed with the pet I rolled up Amara and never played Fl4k again. Since I consider a lot of the “end game” to be broken atm I decided I would level up my Fl4k from 50 and maybe roll up a Zane.

Since I haven’t played Fl4k since release I have no idea what I’m doing or anything about new gear or builds. Can anyone suggest a build and maybe some gear to look out for to level up from 50 to 57 (or 60)? What AS or pet to use? COM? etc…

I have saved a few Fl4k items from other characters but not a lot so I may not have much Fl4k specific gear but can maybe try to find it. Was thinking of doing the trial of cunning for the R4ck P4ack Mod to start. Maybe even just using that to level while farming for it.

Time will tell if the pet drives me insane again but figured it was something to do until they fix the drop rates, scaling and other crap (hopefully).

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I like 3 shot Fade Away, once you get to 54 I would suggest Hunter and Stalker tree builds.

Fl4k is the most versatile build wise imo.

there is some good end game builds here


I did see those but they are end game builds so I don’t really have the gear to support them. I do have some cartel and DLC2 items but they are all 57 so won’t do me any good at 50. I’ll probably just do whatever until I get more levels. I’m not even going to play on M10 anyway so it may not matter. I’m on M4 atm so shouldn’t be too difficult.

I really wasn’t even worried too much about a full blown build as much as thoughts on best AS to use, pet or maybe some gear or weapons that synergize with particular skills/tree etc…

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Any solid weapon with a good annoint should keep ya going for a bit. Do you still have a 53 Wedding Invitation laying around??? That thing can kill up to 57 M6 lmao

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a few rounds of slaughter shaft and you are level 57 already.

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For SS, I would HIGHLY recommend a Recursion as long as you are rocking ASE element on shield and grenade mod. Rakk Attack seems more reliable for Recursion abuse BTW.

I like Gamma Burst. At 50 build red tree to Megavore, blue tree To 5/5 Yawp, and you’ll still have a couple points left to your own discretion.

The most important piece of gear is a Red Fang COM. And generally you want multi-pellet guns So that you can get lots of criticals. While leveling I’d look out for Mashers, shotguns, and high FR weapons (trigger Head Count so as to maximize GB uptime).

Key skills in red tree are Head Count, Leave No Trace, Most Dangerous Game, Big Game, Galactic Shadow.

In blue tree you need 3/3 Persistence Hunter, 1 point in He Bites (only one; the reflected damage builds Frenzy stacks) and 5/5 Frenzy in addition to 5/5 Yawp.

Your DPS won’t be as good as Fade, but you can still kill stuff just fine and the build makes up for it with survivability and crowd control.

When GB is active most enemies barely pay attention to you, they focus on your pet.

If you hate the pet because of things it does to your line of sight, GB can teleport it away from you. So there’s that also.


I’m currently using a St4ckbot with 31% SMG dmg and a Kyb’s worth that seems to be working well enough with rakk attack so it’s probably fine. I do have a Recursion to use but no ASE on shield. Shields are one of the items I cleared all low level versions out of my bank. I do have a 50 CMT nade with 25% OGT anoint however.

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I would suggest a nice Bounty Hunter or Cosmic Stalker unless you have all of the stars lined up for the St4ckbot to work properly. And the Recursion is sheer disappointment without those extra elements lmao.


@Sidartha You can literally just go farm an ASE shield and grenade from the vending machines. Any one with an ASE element will work really well with a Rakk build if that is what you are running. Now that vendors are scaling, you may be able to get a M10 shield (I am unclear from the patch notes whether shields are going to scale - but either way, the vendors typically have decent enough shields for leveling).

You can use Rakks without ASE elements, but it is not the most optimum way to play the build and you will lose out on a fair bit of damage, especially if you are playing on Mayhem 10.

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I had a Transformer with a rad ASE that I was finally able to use once I hit 53. It’s working really well but then I’m only playing on M4 difficulty. I also farmed a R4k P4k Mod from Trial of Cunning which is nice but I might be liking this friend-bot mod even better. Being able to revive my pet by killing an enemy is kind of nice.

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Rakk Pakk works pretty well, but unless you have one without Head Count boosted (unless they ninja-fixed HC with today’s patch), HC actually DECREASES cooldown rate with Rakks, as opposed to increasing cooldown rate as stated on the card.

In other words, if you are running Rakks, be sure you have zero points in HC unless you want your cooldown to be screwed up. HC makes your Rakks come back slower because the skill is bugged with Rakks.

EDIT: The Transformer shield is my go-to for Rakk Fl4k. Best shield for that build IMO.

EDIT 2: To add that Rakk cooldown is bugged anyway, it’s just EVEN MORE bugged when you spec Head Count. Just cast Rakks and keep an eye on your cooldown timer. It will randomly reset itself back to 5 when it is on 1. This happens in about 30% of my play sessions.

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I just checked and the one I got does have HC. Has anyone confirmed if this is still bugged?

Just have to also add that I’m really glad I decided to play around with my old Fl4k character. I literally haven’t logged him on since early on near game launch (outside of using him as a sad mule) because I was so annoyed by the pet. I assume they must have fixed the pet or something because it seems to make much less noise now and isn’t constantly standing in the one place I don’t want it to (in front of vending machines, on top of loot etc…).

Now with this patch and the buffs to pets my original VH may now become my main VH once again. Actually, excited to level him up and play him again for the first time in a long time.

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