Pseudo Speed Glide

If you choose evasive maneuvers at level 1, you can turn around while in mid-air, and spam the glide button on and off, AND, you get to keep your momentum. I’ve done this frequently, and without the gliding helix, you’d lose all your momentum and fly at a snails pace.

It’s a bit finnicky, but try it in private. Press the glide button juuust long enough for the glide to trigger, and let go, rinse and repeat.

I’m struggling to conceptualize. Is this for escaping?

I use it to get to the front line faster, and yes, for escaping.

Though it’s not wise to try it in a real match until you’ve practiced a bit, otherwise, you’l just burn a cooldown.

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Are…are we talking about benedict? Hes the only character that fly/glides right?
I haven’t played him yet because my first impression of him seems like he’ll have a playstyle that i wld most definately despise

He’s… different. When I play him, I like to get right up in their face, fire off the triple rocket hawkeye, and fire my entire clip at them while flying away. I spec him so I can stay in flight longer, and I usually use it as an escape.

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