PSN ACCOUNT LINK to Shift not working

Hello all,
It seems that my PSN account link to shift is not working giving me a authorization error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a good day .

Had you had the account linked before and now sign in is not working, or is this your first time trying to link your PSN and SHIFT accounts?

I had it linked before and currently not working.

OK Just double-check that you’re properly signed in on your PS4, and that you can also sign in to SHIFT on the web site which should show as linked to PSN.

A few people seem to be having issues signing in recently, but I’m not sure if that’s an issue on the shift side, the PSN side, or just stale cached data on the console. You could try doing a full power off and restart of your console.

Otherwise, you’ll need to file a support ticket for additional assistance.

Everything good except no luck in linking PSN account to shift. Thank you for the help. Have a good day.

Did you get any specific error message, or just a general failure?

I think it was a authorization error is all i get.

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OK - you’ll need to fill out a support ticket, as it’s not clear why the authorization is failing.

Where do i find that at? Thank you.

Link in post #4 ^^^

@VaultHunter101 i sent a support ticket. Thank you for the help.

Did the support ticket help at all?
I just bought Borderlands 3 yesterday and am having the same problem. I can not get it to link Shift and Borderlands 3 on my PS4 it comes back wit hthe same error :frowning:

Can you link your PSN to shift on the shift website?

Nope still can’t link my own account as of right now :slightly_frowning_face: the old email is obsolete. Maybe I can’t because of twitch link? I don’t know.

If this is the case (ie the email no longer exists or you no longer have access to it), it should be possible to change that. For SHIFT support the best bet is to file a support ticket and choose SHIFT as the game/issue - don’t know if you did that before or just put BL3?

Having Twitch linked should not affect anything - you can have multiple different platforms linked to the same SHIFT account.

That is where I am trying to do it, but i keep getting the samea error message over and over to try again later just lik ethe origional owner of this thread, exactly the same problem.

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I have everything else linked to my SHiFT. My twitch, xbox, steam, Epic Game store. But when I go to connect my PSN and in put my details, same error over and over of “There was an error in the authorization process. Please try again later”
Ive had the same accounts for everything for years.
When i log into Borderlands 3, in the social tab, the streaming bit, it says Im logged in to an account, but I dont have a twich account linked. So clearly my PS has linked to something but I dont know what and theres no information as to what that account name is, how to access it, or change it. I assume its just using my PSN log in and thats what it means, and I need to link my PSN to SHIFT for it to then connect to twitch.
But again, PSN seems to not be wanting to link on the SHIFT page.

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OK not sure what’s going on here. If you can log in to BL3 and it’s showing that your Twitch is linked then it seems you should also be signed in to SHIFT so your PSN must already be linked?

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BL3 is not showing twitch linked, but on my SHIFT my twitch is linked to everything including twitch but not my PSN account, i believe my PSN account needs to be linked on shift for it to then see it in game. But it wont let me link my PSN because it keeps throwing up the same error over and over

You’ll need to take this up with shift support (link above) then, as they will be able to check the associations on your account.