PSN ACCOUNT LINK to Shift not working

Gearbox support is looking to help me. They responded early this morning.

hope you sorted it out so you can play online and borderlands science.

@nat_zero_six It my shift account that is not working on the shift website. :angry:

did anyone get a work around for this its happening to me right now

If you’re having issues linking your PSN to SHIFT on the SHIFT website, your best bet would be to (1) make sure there’s nothing interfering with the connection (no browser error, no adblock, try a different browser, etc) then if that doesn’t work (2) file a support ticket and make sure you use SHIFT as the game and game/issue.

It’s possible that recent security changes within several browsers are blocking the connection. It’s either that, a communication issue between the two servers, or an account issue.

Might also be worth throwing the email associated with the SHIFT and PSN accounts into just in case there’s a possibility someone else might have acquired access to the account (especially if it’s an older one on Yahoo)

Ive emailed them, explained the situation about 3 times to the same person, and theyve passed it on to someone else… so… hmmmmm im not exactly filled with hope