PSN ID name change questions

So does the PSN ID name change affect borderlands on the PS4? Progress, bad ass rank, characters, etc.? I even swapped my old PS3 info over to the PS4 when the handsome collection came out. I hope it doesn’t. Has anyone here tried yet?

I have the same question, I check the list of the games who may have problems with the PSN ID Change and the game does not appear in any of the 3 categories

I asked @Noelle_GBX about this the other day. Changing your PSN name should not affect your SHiFT account link. If you change your PSN and then do run in to a problem redeeming SHiFT codes, you can contact Gearbox support for help.

As for:

These are all saved on your PS and tied to your account, so they should all still be there regardless of your user name. In the event that changing your name does render any of your games or game saves inaccessible, you should probably contact Sony support first.

Note that there ARE some games and services with known issues, which Sony has listed on their information page, which you should check first if you want to change your PSN name:

Also going to move this thread to the support section…

I got a similar problem on my hands too. Haven’t changed my psn id yet out of worry. I already lost my keys from some hiccup and now I’m currently trying to get that fixed with 2ksupport but now I’m super worried that if I change my name I’ll just make things worse and delay the fixing process. So far I have heard a lot of games haven’t taken huge hits from changing your psn.

Both games work fine, the new PSN ID shows up as well.
I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

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Yeah my friend did it last night and so far he said both remaster and the handsome collection are fine.

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You’re fine to change your name! Everything is set up so that it connects to your numerical ID rather than your username so you shouldn’t see any issues! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that! That’s reassuring I’ll go ahead and change it then.

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So far, so good…
I changed my PSN ID name and did not lose any progress of the game.

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What about changing my PSN ID from US to Germany…Any tips?(US PS3 to German PS4 along with PSN change to German account) I have built up so much preparing for the new DLC and BL3.

You would need to contact Sony support with that question. If a region change involves changing the numeric unique ID for you account (that you PSN name is attached to), this likely would cause problems with SHIFT. If the underlying ID stays the same, it should continue to work with SHIFT.