PSN kenet888 (move to main)LF M10 lvl 57 Iron Bear 125 fire, Recurring or MIRV Tatular Hex fire 25 on throw

As the title.
For IB 125 fire anointment:
Kaoson x1 or x2 full auto shock rad cor (IB 160 ok)
Kaoson x2 full auto fire cryo (IB160 ok)
OPQ 2.9 zoom or less (IB 160 ok)
Rosen Thorn
Backburner any elem
Plaguebearer any elem
Moonfire kinetic fire shock rad cryo
Craps kinetic and any elem
Seeryul Killur 2.9 zoom or less
Monarch x4 kinetic and any elem
Monarch x8 kinetic rad fire
Good juju kinetic and any elem
Anarchy x20 kinetic and any elem
Reflux x14
Grease Trap
Multi tap
Boom sickle kinetic fire rad shock cryo (IB 160 ok)
Clairvoyance x1 or x4

Please refer to PSN kenet888 offer list on another post.

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Got a Recurring Hex (Rad) with 150% dmg anointment. Would like your x4 Fire Monarch 1% CH in return. PSN: EzioILMentore. Sent a FR

Sent and received with thanks.

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I have a X18 bangstick. Would like a X20 anarchy stnl cryo

Bangstick x18 anointment?
Anarchy x20 kinetic or which elem for sntnl 100 cryo?
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR

Barrier active, acc and crit. Which I now realise is not the best :joy:

I will take it. 70 crit is not bad.
Anarchy which elem?

Kinetic please! PSN: JuniorSenior95

Sent. Thanks

Received and sent, thanks for the trade

Hey bud, sent u a PSN msg. Have a bunch of M10 IB 125 fire annoint weps to trade, incl Yellowcake (x2), Lyuda, Cutsman (x2), DP Laser Sploder (corro), Faisor (corro) & Tankmans Shield.

I have an x1 incendiary with the IB 2 mags 125% incendiary anoint if you are interested

I have a kinetic one with autobear incendiary anoint. It’s yours if you want it. I think I only held onto it because I never have these drop. I have a Kinetic ASA 200% one as well

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Just found a IB 125 fire Maggie as well.

I will take kaoson and boom Sickle IB 125.
What you want for them?
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR

I will take Maggie IB 125
What you want for it?
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR

We are already friends, my friend. Check your PSN messages.

Buddy your ID and PSN so much different.
Hahaha. Thanks bro. No rush. Free send over.

Looks like you were already on my list. Sent the Kaoson. The Boom Sickles were an ASA and a Autobear anoint. Happy to send em too if you want em.

Not looking for anything in return. Just one of those things I was holding onto, but not using. I run a no-action skill Moze, so I didn’t need it

Just a kaoson. Don’t use IB either just spam him to have infinite 125 fire dmg.
Thanks buddy.