PSN kenet888 (moved to main) (1 for upto 5)Lf lvl57 Bloodletter, Loaded Dice with health Regen, NO shield capacity and max health bonus, 50 mag size and Level 1 Stop Gap with ASE 20% Action Skill Cool Down

As title.

1 for 5
Bloodletter - NO Thin Red Line
SMG/AR/shotgun/splash dmg
21 crit/51 Dahl/Hyperion/Atlas crit
Health Regen (must have)

1 for 3
Bloodletter - NO Thin Red Line
SMG/AR/Shotgun/splash dmg
21 crit
51 Dahl/Hyperion/Atlas crit

1 for 5
If you have Snowdrift/Atom Balm/Cutpurse/Flesh Melter Loaded Dice with:
Rad/fire/Cor/SMG/AR/Shotgun dmg
50 mag size
Health Regen

1 for 3
If you have any prefix Loaded Dice with:
Elem/SMG/AR/Shotgun dmg
50 mag size
Health Regen

1 for 2
If just 50 mag and health Regen (any prefix) (no shield cap and max health)

1 for 1
If only health Regen or mag size (no shield cap and max health)(Snowdrift/Cutpurse/Flesh Melter)

Please refer to PSN kenet888 offer list on another post.

I got level 50 snowdrift

Thanks buddy, will take that.
The search is still going on though.

I have a lv 1 brimming stop gap with refill on slide.

What do you have for trading?

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All my gears see below post.
I will be online in 5min
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR

Would you take a level 1 stop gap with 50% bonus incendiary dmg on ASE and a Last Stand Loaded Dice with 20% corrosive dmg/20% ice dmg/50% mag size ?

I know that’s not what you’re looking for, but they’re taking the dust in my inventory so feel free to take’em if you want

Sure buddy. Let me know if you need anything.



Hey buddy
I’ve got a nice one for ya :grin:
Hope u need it, because it’s the jackpot 1:5 thing :rofl:

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Better create 50 mules. He might give you everything he have. Lol

Thanks buddy. 50 mag size and health regen, especially mag size matter for Moze. If the artifacts lacking one of them, I have to replace the bonus with bloodletter without Thin Red Line which is rare. I have one but has bad perks.

Ideally, both 50 mag and health Regen are present for the artifacts.

Anyway, Atom Balm is alright.
Cutpurse ones a bit tough as both perks are not present.

Thanks anyway for your effort.
You need anything?

If so I will pm you :grinning:

He gave me so much I’m happy to return the favour :sweat_smile:
Already got enough mules :rofl:

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PSN me lol.
Anyway, I am doing Moze Immortal build. Mag size and Regen on loaded dice will allow me to use very good bloodletter com to improve DPS.
There is a reason why it is not so popular. DPS is lacking without Doctrine.
Spec too much Doctrine, I have to take the capstone Tenacious Defense which will reduce DPS from other trees. More ever Desperate measure is not fully utilized as it is not deathless build.
Still testing, just need a loaded dice with mag and Regen lol.
Really, you won’t die but enemies also die slower. :grin:

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I’ll have my eyes open for some loaded dices, also love to play with it make the game more difficult sometimes. On zane if I get a perfect one, he’s almost unkillable. :wink:

Very rare. Have been farming for mag and Regen like eternity lol.

If it’s too specific it’s might not worth farming for one. It drops when it drops, RNG God is a *bitch :joy:

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