(PSN kenet888 offer list) LF M10 lvl 57 Mind Sweeper, Cutpurse Launchpad, Flesh Melter/Atom Balm/Snowdrift/Ice Breaker Victory Rush, Bloodletter. Plenty to offer


I have this last stand otto idol, 2/3 of the perks you want.

1 for 2
What are you LF?
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR

Request sent along with what I would like, thanks.

Updated wanted list


I have a Frozen Heart w/ break and fill anointment. You by chance have Seein Deads with splash dmg or radius?

EDIT - Apparently I have a Last Sand Otto Idol w/ Rad dmg 20, cryo efficiency 33, and mag size 50

PSN Renovatio_Zero

Hey buddy, just got the Heart.
Your last stand Otto is nice but I don’t have what you are LF.
Any other gears I can offer. 1 for 3.

No worries bud. Question about your OPQ SNTL Cryo… what is the zoom? Ill send the com in a bit as well.

1.5 zoom, I think. Confirmed. Will send to you.

Ill grab that OPQ SNTL as well as the Plaguebearer Cryo SNTL. Thats all.


Sent. Thanks.

Sent as well. Thans again.

Updated wanted list

Updated wanted list




u need this?

No. The stats are bad and perk lacking TCP. Thanks for the offer tho.