[PSN kenet888](updated 6 July)LF M10 Lvl 60 Gamma Gears, Reflux, Root, Soulrender, Sand Hawk, Contained Blast, Monarch, Recursion, Nukem, Hex, Hunter Seeker

LF M10 Lvl 60 only

Gamma Burst
Root fire/Cor, shock/Cor, cryo/Cor
Sand Hawk Cor, shock, cryo, fire

Reflux x7 at least 4.6k sntnl 100

Soulrender - must be full auto (fire rate around 9.0 or less and at least 10 crit)
Fire, shock, Cor 1CH
Rad around 7.5k sntnl 100
Shock around 8.5k sntnl 100
Fire, shock, Cor Rakk 50 crit, Rakk 100
Cryo, Cor gamma burst
Cryo ASE rad and siren 130 rad
Fire ASE shock and siren 130 raf
Shock ASE fire and IB 125 fire
Cor ASE shock and siren 130 rad
Shock ASE cor

Monarch x4 -
Cor ASE n2m shock
Fire ASE n2m shock
Cryo ASE n2m rad

Nukem 300/90 at least 90k dmg

Recursion x2 -
Cor/fire ASE 100 shock
Shock/fire ASE 100 Cor

DP Contained Blast -
shock ASE 100 Cor/fire and IB 125 fire
Fire ASE 100 shock
Cor ASE 100 shock

Mitosis Hunter Seeker any elem ASE 50 Cor

Mirx Tutular/Recurring Hex any elem ASE 50 cor and cryo elem ASE 50 cryo

My offer for the above wanted gears:
Lvl 1 Brawler Ward
Lvl 57 God roll knife drain and cutpurse White Elephant
Lvl 57 God roll Driver and Breaker com.

M10 Lvl 60 gears that I have:


Ion Canon x2 ASE splash 200
Nukem ASE splash 200
Backburner all elem ASE splash 200
Backburner all elem 50/150
Backburner cor sntnl 100
Plaguebearer fire Cor shock rad ASE splash 200
Plaguebearer all elem 50/150
Globetrotter cryo 50/150


Stagecoach x25 1CH, ASE 100
Reflux x7 or x14 ASE 100 shock
Reflux x7 1CH
DDF Puncher x7 1CH, phaseslam 300 dmg and 200 melee, 300/90
Redundant Puncher x14 1CH, ASE 100
Recursion x2 Cor/shock ASE fire

Assault rifle
Note: Soulrender are all full auto

Soulrender kinetic ASE shock, cor
Soulrender Cor ASE cryo, rad, fire
Soulrender rad ASE fire
Soulrender kinetic Rakk 100
Soulrender kinetic Rakk 50 crit
Soulrender kinetic Gamma burst
Soulrender cryo 50/150
Soulrender rad, shock Sntnl 100
Soulrender kinetic, Cor Clone 130
Bekah no scope ASE 100 cryo
Clairvoyance ASE 100
Monarch x8 Cor ASE 100 shock


Flipper cryo/fire, fire/shock, Cor/shock, Cor/fire, cryo/Cor, cryo/shock 1CH
Flipper fire/Cor, cryo/rad splash 200
Flipper rad/fire, Cor/shock sntnl 100
Flipper cryo/shock, Cor/shock, cryo/rad, fire/rad 50/150
Flipper Cor/fire, cryo/shock IB 125
Flipper Cor/shock IB 160


Hydrofrost 5214 X3 21 crit 40 melee phaseslam 300
Maggie ASE 100, ASE 100 Cor
Miscreant all elem 1CH
Light Show rad Sntnl 100
Light Show kinetic, all elem 1CH
Harold all elem ASE splash 200


Skullmesher 11962 x5 ASE 100
Unseen Threat 33494 33 crit 300/90
Root Cor/fire ASE shock
Root Cor/shock ASE fire
Root fire/shock ASE cor
Root cryo/Cor ASE fire
Root fire/Cor ASE cryo
Root rad/Cor ASE Cor
Root fire/rad ASE cryo
Root rad/cryo ASE Cor
Root cryo/shock ASE rad
Root cryo/Cor IB 160
Root fire/shock, shock/rad, cryo/cor splash 200
Root fire/shock, cryo/cor 50/150
Root cryo/Cor 300/90
Root Cor/shock, rad/fire, rad/shock sntnl 100
Root Cor/fire ASA 200
Root Cor/cryo, Cor/shock ASE 100
Root fire/Cor, cryo/rad, fire/rad, Cor/shock, cryo/rad, fire/rad 1CH


CMT 25 on throw, ASE 50 Cor, shock
MHS cryo ASE 50 cryo, rad
Recurring Hex cryo 25 on throw, rad ASE fire, cryo ASE rad


Pearl 54 mag with Regen, fire rate, reload or max health
Cutpurse Launchpad AOE, 54 mag, movement/regen


Snowshoe ASS break/fill
Frozen Heart ASS break/fill
Old God all matching elem +75% capacity
Transformer sntnl movement, 20% cool down, ASE 50 all elem, IB 75/25

PSN kenet888


I got a Fire/Corrosive flipper with ASE Shock, and a will a rad light show with Fire ASE work for you?

Send me FR
Your PSN
Show rad ASE 100 fire for your Flipper.
FR sent

Oh let me reiterate, I also have a radiation light show with fire ASE, i reckon you already have one as well, do you have a sntnl bloom by chance instead?

Don’t have bloom.
Mostly I have Flipper, show, Miscreant, Licence, Spade, Blanc, gargoyle, Blast.

I have all but the Flipper with sntnl, do you have one?

Sadly, Sntnl stock low. I only have show, Blanc and Redistributor for Sntnl 100.

Oh ok, any DP spades with a 2/3 shot magazine?

DP Spade x10 ASE Cor
DP Spade x10 shock ASE siren 130

The corrosive ASE will work, I’ll be online in a bit from now.

Btw what is your show scope/zoom?

Don’t know, will DM you on PSN when im ready.

Hey buddy. Kind of late here 2.10am.
I will email you the Spade for your Flipper once FR is accepted on the next day.
Thanks for the trade.


while i dont have a contained blast specific to what you are looking for i do have these extra from farming if any interest you:
cryo double shot with 200 damage while action skill active
corrosive with 200 damage while action skill active
fire with 200 damage while action skill active
corrosive with cryo ASE
rad with gamma burst anoint
corrosive double shot with gamma burst anoint
kinetic 250 bonus after phasecast
kinetic double shot element crits deal 500 nova

do you by chance have any contained blasts with double shot with fire/kinetic and 150 rad under 50 health anoint?

Sorry buddy, no.
Thanks for asking.

Updated wanted list

Idk if u want a x14 facepuncher stnl cryo?

It would not work on Puncher same as ASE 100 elem, 50/150 rad or any elem damage bonus on weapon.

I’m just at work right now but I’m about 95% sure I have 2 on your list and maybe as many as 5
Psn Hero_Sound
I’ll message yu when I’m home and have Checked