PSN Name Drop/Player Finder

Ok so I don’t see anything in this thread but this looked look a good place to make this thread, even if it is just for the Beta.
Feel free to expand on the basic information I included, lets try to keep this focused on what it is though, just a place to find other players, no need to discuss the game here, there are so many other threads.

PSN - TachoTuesday
Mic - Yes
PvE or PVP - Both
Timezone - EST
When? - After 5PM T,W,F / All weekend
1-10 ranking of (1)Casual to (10)Competitive - 7
Fav Character - Orendi

server: eu
mic: yes
both pve and pvp, but most of all pvp, at least during the beta
time zone CEST
almost any afternoon and during week-end
sometimes i play competitive and other time just for fun
fav charater, from those i had the chace to play during the closed tecnical alpha, Phoebe and benedict, but i look to shayne & aurox and deande.

PSN Gstarwind
Mic: yes
All game types, mainly PvP
Time zone: North America MDT
Sunday thru Thursday after 6pm, anytime Friday and Saturday
10- competitive
Characters: Ambra and Montana. Still trying others.

Psn: vdhump
Preferred game mode: pvp
Mic: of course
Time I play: any day mainly weekends but normally after 5 during the week
Fav character: galilea and benidict

PSN: Lacifarus1188
Mic: Yes
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Availability: Mon-Fri after 3 PM, Weekends sporadic
Favorite chars: Galilea, Benedict, Miko, Reyna

Will usually wait until everyone else picks then will fill the void. I have a buddy who I usually play with. Room for 2 is nice but not necessary.

Hit me up anytime! Prefer to play with other adults.

Availibility:All week
Favourite character:Oscar Mike

PSN - v_Vegan_Beast_v
Mic - Yes
Timezone - East (EST)
Time - A lot
10 - Looking for competitive players to play with
Starting a team!

Might as well ride out what we got until Monday and then Launch won’t be too far behind.

PSN- Bit_Eagle
Mic- Yes (also mutable)
PvE or PVP- Both
Timezone- CST
When- I’ll be on all Weekend,
It’s a 50/50 split on Competitve and Story mode at the moment
So far my favs are Miko, Oscar Mike, Orendi, Reyna, and ISIC

PSN - Demonxeire
Mic - Yes
PvE or PVP - Both
Timezone - EST
When? - After 3PM T,W,F / All weekend
1-10 ranking of (1)Casual to (10)Competitive -9
Fav Character - Shayne and Aurox

PSN - EvelShadow
Mic - Yes
PvE or PVP - Both, but usually PVP
Timezone - EST
When? - After 5pm, for now every day
1-10 Ranking of (1)Casual to (10) Competitive - 10 Right now I’m on a competitive team
Fav Character - Ghalt, I don’t play him the most, but he is probably the most fun.