PSVITA bone shredder is invisible

When ever i kill bone head 2.0 the bone shredder is invisible can gearbox fix it or is their a way to fix it

What do you mean “invisible”? Is it spawning but the model isn’t colored? Do you think it spawned but you can’t find it?
If it’s the former this is a new bug/glitch that I’ve never seen or heard of. My best advice would make sure the disc (assuming you don’t have a digital copy) isn’t scratched or smudged.
If it’s the latter, it might not have spawned (I’ve gone through ~15 kills without one dropping so you might just be unlucky).
Some pics would be helpful in clarifying what exactly you see even if it’s low quality like with a cell phone.

PS Vita doesn’t use discs…

it is completely see through there is nothing their but the name and stats

Derp, didn’t register/see the obvious “PSVITA” part.
-insert facepalm of doom-

[quote=“General01010, post:4, topic:300517, full:true”]
it is completely see through there is nothing their but the name and stats
[/quote]That is odd… maybe we could summon a dev here to see if they know what’s up?
-starts summoning ritual- @joekgbx can you shed some light on this?

Actually it is funny. retrnd that u are a mage and cast with the hands :stuck_out_tongue:

They shouldn’t have ported BL2 to the vita but instead allowed us to transfer characters to the vita and play in randomly generated areas to battle new enemies and bosses for gear and xp. I feel something like that would have been great. I could take my Character to work get some loot and levels on break then go home to my console and continue on. By the time this released the average player had already sunk a great deal of time in the game anyway and had been there and done that.

I’ll pass along to the team to investigate. Thanks for the heads up!

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it is very much invisible XD