Psycho class mods needed

Hey everyone, I am ashamed to ask this but after running through normal, true, and now the DLC on ultimate vault hunter mode on the xbox1 version, I have yet to find a single legendary psycho class mods with the exception of slayer of terramorphous. I am level 72 (just acquired the commander lillith DLC so I have to work up a little more) and I’ve found legendary mods for almost every other class. I’ve farmed tubby enemies and even the occasional raid boss when possible but I’m starting to lose my mind. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am primarily interested in Sickle class mods but will not say no to anything you want to throw my way.


Once you turn in the quest after fighting Cassius in the Lilith dlc, farm him for class mods. He drops them often.

I may have one. I was playing bl2 last week and got a Legendary Psycho com from Cassius. I’ll check.

Me and the girlfriend are going to work our way up to that. We might just do that next but that may still be some time away. My GT is Jgibson38561 hit me up if you’ve got anything to spare.

Ive got a purple Rage Sickle class mod at lvl 72 …

My gamertag is Mourning6lory

I wasnt able to locate you by that gamertag in Steam or Epic …

Can you try sending me a request?

I’m on xbox1…I sent an invite to you.

I might have some spares, but they wouldn’t be max level as I still haven’t gotten Krieg as far as 72! Let me know if you’re interested anyway, and I’ll see what I still have.

Ok … i play bl2 on Steam … pc. Is it even possible to send you items?

Probably not. But thanks for your help!

BL2 doesn’t have the ability to send items through in-game mail, if that’s what you mean. You basically have to join the other person’s game, and it’s not cross-platform.

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Ok … sorry i couldnt help you out!!!

Vault hunter 101, always interested. Feel free to hit me up.

Might not be too helpful. Turns out I’ve got some level 63-65 purple COMs, but that’s basically it. Well, unless you want a few more level 50 Terra ones!

Man, I really need to finish off with that character.

No worries man. Keep me posted if you have better luck the I do. :p.