Psycho Head/Skin Info and Screen Shots

The following galleries show the heads and skins for Krieg. You can also access a spreadsheet listing the heads and skins (along with their source) click on the following image link:

Click on any thumbnail to see the larger image. Images appear in the order they appear in the game.

Heads 1-11

Heads 12-22

Heads 23-33

NOTE: skin #32 is the gearbox skin and not available to players. The image is not shown on these forums at the request of Gearbox.

Skins 1-10

Skins 11-20

Skins 21-30

Skins 31-40

Skin 32 is reserved for Gearbox employees and is not shown

Skins 41-50

Skins 51-60

Skins 61-70

Skins 71-80

Skins 81-90

Skins 91-100

The 5th DLC Head and Skin for Krieg can be viewed here:


thanks for brining these back

Well done mate. Excellent work.

Here’s a working archived link to the images if they aren’t working above (Give it a minute to load the images):

Krieg’s Heads/Skins

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