Psycho lvl 69, having trouble with UVHM


I’ve for some time had issues going through the difficulty mode, and i’m not improving at current rate. I had Psycho on PS3 and transferred him over.

My character goes for melee all-out, but have no slag nades and i have no legendary class mod or relic as they’re a b*tch to farm from TVHM. I’m considering going for the shield “Rough Rider” from the same difficulty due to the resistance and might help a bit from the Silence The Voices skill - because right now I’m getting my ass kicked.

Now the game is trolling me, both a legendary sickle and slag nade in one session (trying farming tubbys in the dust behind Ellies shop).

As that solved one problem, another one is weapons: most that i find are just less worse than those i already got TVHM but not strong enough to make a significant difference. At the moment I’m currently relying on the action skill for damage and that’s bad as there are situations i need to be ranged (super badass pyro threshers e.g).

So, i can’t farm raid boss, or pearlascent, weapons in UVHM because enemies are too strong, or at least being bullet sponges and the TVHM versions are way down the league - so at the moment I’m being stuck in a loop.