Psycho Mask - handmade lifesize Prop

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As quoted and fortold, here pictures of my freshly crafted Borderlands Psycho mask!
@xmngr asked me for some help in building a psycho mask, so I added some info and pictures of the crafting progress - I hope it will help!

Here we go!!!


Here a closer picture so you can see how I sculpted the red sewn lines.

First I sculpted on the red lines with clay and cut a line in the middle. I continued to make holes, pair by pair. Then I rolled clay out to a thin thread, cut it into 1cm short pieces. Now the tricky part came: putting the ends of each 1cm-stick of clay into each pair of holes. This way it looks freaking real!

The mouth part is made from an old ventilator. I sew a hole into the base mask, built in the vent and smoothed all edges with epoxy putty. Adding about 5 hours of sanding.

The mask is completely handcrafted by me using mostly epoxy-putty and materials from scrap.
-Paintball plastic mask
-Epoxy clay (magic sculpt)
-Citadel Colors
-old ventilator (7cm diameter)
-LEDs if you like
-an empty potato chips tray (paper, round tube) for the mouth/frame arround the vent.

I used a old skull paintball mask as base:

Ugly, he?

It took alot of work to convert it. So I saw a hole into it first to add the ventilator.

I added sketchy lines for orientation, to get the sculptob right.
After that I added stronger eyebrow details to give it the right form, also I completely reworked the nose. Then came sanding. And more sanding.

Next part was to add more clay at his cheeks and to start working in the ventilator.
When the mouth area was sanded and done I added the “red” lines and chin details. At this stage it was nearly ready to be painted.

Last sculpted details were the frames arround the eyes. The eyes I reworked and gave them blue UV-active plexiglass instead of black mesh.

Then I painted it basically in 6-8 layers white gesso to fill in all small ridges and uneven spots.
Painting the whole thing took me easily 20hours if all counted together. Here a picture with base white and started red lines. All other details are still missing:

After painting all cellshade details + pandorian dirt:

Its lifesized, sturdy and wearable! Sadly I´m to bad with electronics for now, but I hope next mask I built will have functional ventilation and lights^^

Hope you guys like it!
If theres any question how to built it on your own just drop a comment :slight_smile:


Waiting for the Krieg mask guide :slight_smile:

Does it work with cold porcelain clay?

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Thanks a bunch!!! :smiley:
I hope I can start the work on Krieg soon, already got the base mask and some plastic pipes for it.

Uhhh, I don´t know if that works! I recommend epoxy clays or maybe Worbla. Wood- or paper maché could work, but only on a pappmaché mask! Paper on plastic are a desaster >.<
Another way would be to sculpt a head+mask out of any clay and to make a big silicone/latex mold afterwards. then you could cast single masks from plastic. But that is alot of work, I´m definately to lazy for it right now^^

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Gotcha, and thanks for the guide :slight_smile:

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Fantastic work Ganjamira.

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Thank you! :smiley: I hope I´ve more time for big projects like this in the future!


And I bet you could get some tips for the electronic bits from @SKSProps when the time comes.

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Thank you very very much! :smiley:
Haaa, neat you mention him, @SKSProps is my idol when it comes to props and cosplay accessory! I was so happy to see he was rewarded Community Badass, he puts so much love in his works <3
My first LED project will be Zer0s sword, which Im crafting right now. Its a nice simple exercise.


Wha! This is really cool! ! I honestly thought it was just a picture you made on ps or something and scrolled further and realized not only is it a mask but I can never do something this badass. Kudos ^w^

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Wearing it doesn’t make you a psycho should it come into contact with blood, right?

It definitely looks reeeeeeaaaaaaally good already :slight_smile:

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Dawwwwwwwww thank you so much, thats such a huge compliment!!! X3 I wish I could paint such a thing on my PC, but I´m only good at traditional art >.<
I never thought I could do something like it either - its still like a dream come true^^ Now I´m already brainstorming what to built next, most possibly something Battlebon-related.

xD That would be kinda cool, but maybe thats just me thinking of Psycho masks retailed by the friendly(insane) mask merchant in “Zelda:Majoras Mask” :smile:
Thank you so much! I hope the Krieg mask I plan will look even better^^

Oh my gosh, I’ve been wanting to paint something cool traditionally and through Photoshop but I can only edit photos atm xD and my time in art (way back when in school) didn’t really help me any. Nosir, You gotta be born with it, And you mah fren has got talent :smiley:
Do you have any ideas on what you’ll be making? Have you made other props and masks before this?

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Nyahhhhhhh, I think talent is a thing you can learn too - its just to be open o try new things. Talent is more another kind of being excited to learn. I like to see everything as skill I can achieve, learn or master^^ Everything I know about painting, drawing and crafting I teached myself, I´m not sure if university or school can help with art…maybe, but not assured^^

Ohhhhh I have alot of project ideas!
My list (regarding Borderlands + Battleborn) so far

-Rath Swords -lifesize
-Zero Sword -lifesize
-Maya Hellwitch COM -lifesize
-Miko wallclock
-Mikos daggers - as lifesized props aaaand as pendants
-Orendis choas circles as pendant
-Thorne bow - lifesize (already have a base bow! xD )

  • Kriegs mask -lifesize
  • Orendi sculpture
    -Rath sculpture
    -Miko + mushrooms sculpture
    -Mordecai portait pendant
    -Athena Sword - lifesize
    -Athena pendant
    -Aspis pendant
    and these are just the ideas and projects I remember right now :smiley: I´ve a huge list of things I want to craft, but time is not on my side^^

I made alot of Borderlands fanart & crafts before , which I posted here
-> Torgue vs Shark and other Madness - My Fanarts
and you can check my gallery on deviantArt, there are over 900 artworks I made so far x3

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