Psycho Service Assistant

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Ok seriously now, I have a Krieg who is at OP1 (hasn’t done OP1 peak yet), and all i’ve ever done with him is melee and grenade abuse with bloodsplosion. I’d rather not have to change my style with him just for the peak so I am looking for someone who has a different class who needs to run through the peak to OP8. A Maya would be ideal, but i’m fine with anyone. I can return the favour and run a Nurse Maya for your Krieg runs :slight_smile:


I never got the hang of using the Psycho so I left him last to OP8 and I struggled so much to stay alive because I relied so much on melee but when I started investing in Hellborn I felt so cheap but for the first time started enjoying playing as him. Now he’s probably one of my favorites to play as just for the randomness of his skills. It’s like, hurt me but it’s ok because the more pain and damage I receive the more damage I can give? It’s sick when you think about it lol.

Just some food for thought I guess.

I’m down to scoot thru the peak with ya. :wink:

I’ll use my Maya. Lets do it! :smile:

Awesome! If you give me a week I can have a headset, I assume you’d prefer that?

yes, that would be preferred. But is not required. its much more fun cause we can ■■■■■■■■ while we coop. :slight_smile:

we can pancakes? Sounds like a plan!

Bull ■■■■■ is what I wrote. lol “shyte”

Ah, the faeces of the male cow, I understand :wink:

LMAO… :joy:

It’ll be from OP1 onwards. I’m not bothered about actually doing OP8, just as long as I unlock it. If you have time afterwards maybe you can jump in and help me get my Maya there, she’s OP6 at the moment?

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If you’d like extra guns, I’ve got an Axton, neither ready nor willing, but able to help out.

I’m not good with skill name puns.

Not to mention the fact that he does, in fact, have 5 points in Ready.

When it’s this taking place? I want in.

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I’m an OP 8 siren. If I’m on I’ll help

What ever happened to this @Vinterbris ? it’s been two weeks. did you get your headset?

I do indeed have a headset, just been stuck in a bit of a rut so just been doing random crap here and there until I get my mind focused again.

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