Psycho Stabber for my Melee Build

Getting kinda annoyed farming for this thing. Anyone willing to trade it? No special requirements or anything, just the standard 110% melee Stabber. I’ve got a couple legendary smgs to trade it for, Handsome Jackhammer, a radiation crossroads, and a stark devoted, and a level 50 one-pump chump, although I assume that’s pretty easy to get. Let me know what you want for it!

( Oh yeah, all listed trade items are level 50.)

Do you happen to have a fire Rowan’s call?
And tbh I found like 5 of those from farming Borman Nates
My epic ID is xXFusaXx

Sorry, no rowan’s call. Would you be willing to send an extra?

Yeah sure I just got another one lol add me and I’ll send it to you in a bit once I finish eating lunch :smiley:

Sorry, I went to bed before I saw this! I’ll make sure to add you later today.

Alright, sent the friend request. Tell me when you’re sending

I’ll go online in like 30 minutes and I’ll send it to you


lel just got it, sorry for the inconvenience mate

Oh wow lol I’m logging in right now, it’s fine i’m glad you found it on your own xD