Psycho Stabber Lootsource changed?

I have killed Borman Nates over 300 times and have gotten Cutsmans and the COV Ar countless of times but no Psycho Stabber. Have they changed it ?

It should still drop from him.
Honestly, it’s kind of weird that he’s the one dude who somehow gets to keep 3 different dedicated drops in spite of not even being a boss…

You on PC? I’m about due to slug it out with that guy. If I get one, it’s yours. (If you’re on XBOX, I’ve been looking for someone to test a theory about legit PC to XBOX item transfers if you’re down for that).

Thank you but i am on PS4. I am Just collecting Legendaries. I hunt for one of everything self farmed.

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Finaly, after 512 kills, I got one. RNG had a bad day.