Psychoreaver-any suggestions?

I’m burning into this guy with at least one M10 weapon as Moze, fighting him at M2 or 3, and it feels like it’s taking forever to hurt this guy! This is like the Train fight, long and annoying!

Monarch worked wonders for me. CH anoint to be more specific.

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CH anoint?

Consecutive Hits gain 1% damage

Flipper should do the job. M11 in under 1 minute

Ch1 fire flipper, any grenade with ogt 25%, mindsweeper with as many points in FiTSD as you can find ( smg/splash/grenade dmg are optimal passives, but also maliwan fire rate feels nice if you ask me), big surplus active and short Fuse. Its not like those 300/90 short fused one shots you see on yt, but that setup makes the farm fairly easy for moze


what character are you killing him in under a minute on? I play with zane (drone/clone) and while it’s not hard (I stay in one place the entire time other than ducking behind a pillar when he shoots a laser beam), his second phase takes me about 10 minutes, even using a monarch/flipper (using incendiary, though the anointment is useless).

most annoying boss in bl3–not hard in terms of what you need to do to kill him–just a bullet sponge.

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Moze. But actually I haven’t played the game since designers cut update. Have not seen the flipper or something else being nerfed.

Fire flipper, knowledge artifact and a piss granade is all you need.

He certainly is a big healthy boi. You could also try facepuncher/white elephant and critswap to an unforgiven. Points into skills that boost splash, and passives on com and artifact that boost melee and splash.

A big problem on Zane is that your Clone is completely useless in the second phase, because not unlike with Graveward, the AI apparently can’t target enemies that aren’t technically on the map. If you have DLC5 I’d recommend you go down the purple tree to Eraser, grab yourself a conference call and go for headshots and also swap the Clone out for MNTIS in that stage since all he can do is shoot down the bullet riders.

Zane COULD try to nuke bomb the second phase with a fire ase 200splash complex root, it would likely kill you, but it’ll certainly kill him with the right skill bonuses

yeah that is annoying. I remember that being a big problem in the Borderlands the pre sequel DLC when facing Eos. E.g., if playing as jack your clones would not target him and if playing as wilhelm your drone would not attack him. even when playing as aurelia your skill was no good b/c the shards couldn’t travel that far. action skills should not be rendered unavailable against bosses.

I do need to give the purple trees more time–haven’t used them that much–really didn’t like the MNTIS cannon but also haven’t put that much time into yet.

Which other trees do the best purple tree builds take from (e.g. does a fully spec’d purple tree also allow for using double barrel on the red tree and only partially using the blue tree?).

Farm a Flare class mod from Evil Mordecai, then go to town with Iron Bear and it’s railguns. You can also use the “Increase railgun damage by 100%” anointment to maximize your damage output. That way you can basically 4-6 shot it if you hit the head.

Well, that’s what I do but it’s not neccessarily the most competitive thing out there.

I’d say the rule of thumb for a meta build would be:
1: Blue all the way down to the capstone.
2: Purple at least far enough down for maxing out Commitment.

From there you got a few options:

A: Purple all the way down to capstone, making sure to max out Headman’s Hand, Eraser and Domino Effect whilst avoiding The Art of War (because it’s complete and utter garbage. You really don’t need any more gun damage). Any leftover points can go whereever you want (probably either down green to grab brain freeze or down red to get at least one point in Duct Tape Mod for the splash resistance). This is probably the fastest way to kill Psychoreaver on Zane.

B: You stop at 5/5 Commitment and go down the red tree to double barrel. With that you’ll probably have exactly one point left over which you might put into fugitive. That’s probably the quintessential version of Clone/Drone currently and it also lets you swap out the Clone for the MNTIS in battles where he’s not gonna be useful. It should however be noted that the MNTIS Augments you get at 11 points into purple are all kind of garbage and entirely useless against most bosses unless they are either weak to cryo or have a lot of really weak minions that are easy to crit (which leaves like… GenIVIV and maybe some of the trials bosses and the first few stages of the Jackbot boss fight), but you are mostly using MNTIS when your Clone is being useless so you can benefit from ASE bonus elements (which is kind of annoying because you then have to swap around you shield and grenade every time you do that, assuming your weapon is using SNTL cryo and you’d normally run SNTL movement speed and the bonus damage on throw anoint for Clone&Drone)

C: For whatever unholy reason you go down the green tree, making sure to max out Brain Freeze and grab Calm Cool Collected. I dunno why you would do this, but you can. You are not gonna go for the Capstone because it’s garbage and then put the leftover 7 points into maxing out Headman’s Hand, getting fugitive and put the last point whereever. Green Tree really isn’t good.

Does this guy drop anything besides cosmetics? He literally never drops anything but room decorations or the head. By far the most disappointing boss fight in all of the borderlands series.

He drops the COV Major Kong launcher and the COV Rebound assault rifle

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